Once Upon a Dream

Zane is a night club owner who has been focusing on making the club profitable and Angel is studying to become a chef. Both are well on their way to accomplishing their career goals, but something is missing. Neither one really is ready to make any commitment. Their careers and their family are what matters most. They aren’t looking for love.

They find themselves running into each other all over town without ever really seeing each other but always noticing the other. Angel frequents the club Zane owns. He’s a regular and security knows him well. Zane and his business partners’ favorite restaurant is where Angel works part time while he goes to school. The chef there is also Angel’s adoptive father.

To make things worse Angel’s other father and Zane’s father are partners in a high profile legal office. Angel’s father has been hiding his family from the partners for the entirety of his career. To them he’s a single man focused on his work. They don’t know he has a man for his legal partner and love of his life or that they have an adopted son.

Zane has his own problems. His parents are trying to get him to settle down and marry a fellow lawyer in the firm so they can have grand kids. But Angel and Zane are drawn together even as everything else tries to separate them – sometimes even they get in the way of their happiness.

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