Alone in the City


The text I got from Angel as I was catching a cab back to the City made my day. I was already missing him. I could have done without the long good-bye, but I knew that Angel was going to be in full on panic mode and I knew I comforted him. I hadn’t needed his dad’s advice to help him with the flight. It was probably the worst part of the trip. Once he was in Vegas he’d be too busy to worry about me.

And that left me alone in a cab. I hadn’t been completely alone in months. Our apartment was empty. The lingering smell of bacon and breakfast was still on the air, but it would fade with time and then it would just be normal. The apartment was spotless. No clothes tossed over the couch, it drove Angel mad. But he never nagged about it. I imagined some people thought his incesent picking up things was annoying, but he never once said I should do it. He never seemed annoyed by it. And there were times when I did it on purpose, just to see how long he could stand it. It was funny watching him walk past the pictures on the wall. Finn had a habit of tipping them all. He did it because he thought it annoyed me. Rosa straighted them before Angel, now he did it everytime he walked past.

I spent my first night alone curled around Angel’s pillow. And when my alarm went off to get up I curled back in bed. There was no food waiting me. I had a few more hours of z’s to catch.

Rolling out of bed when it was time was fairly normal except all of Angel’s things in the bathroom were gone. Not put away neatly in their little homes.

Work, Lunch, gym, dinner. Everything went by and I got to hear pretty boy’s voice. He was running out the door to hit his first shift. He said he’d call when it was done. And he did.

I threw myself into work. But even that didn’t keep the stray thoughts away.

Finn and Drew set up a basketball game with Ant and his friends. We lost horribly. Finn ribbed me, “You were so off.”

Drew laughed. “He’s missing his boy.” The awwww that came from his mouth deserved a punch in the arm which he got.

“I miss him. So what?” I walked away with them laughing at me.

“What can we do to help? We’ll come over this Saturday, just us. Watch a movie?” Drew said.

Finn shook his head. “No, he needs a night out on the town.”

I rolled my eyes, “When you two decide let me know.” I had other plans. Angel hadn’t agreed, and at this point it didn’t really matter. But Finn and Drew were still trailing after me as we walked towards Zion. But I walked past the door and that stopped their chatter as I unlocked the door to the space next door. It needed a lot of work. We’d been using it for storage. I didn’t really have much construction experience, but I knew guys who did. We had originally intended on using the space for Zion, but we went up instead of out with the club. Now it just had a lot of extras that we didn’t use or we didn’t get rid of.

I flipped the lights on and saw potential. It would keep me busy for a while.

Drew and Finn stood at the entrance peaking inside. “Whatcha doing, Zane?” Drew asked curiously.

“I’m going to start a restaurant.”

Finn asked. “Pretty boy’s restaurant?”

I turned and looked at my friends. “Hopefully his.”

Drew asked, “So what first?”

I smirked, “We have to clean it up to see what we have. He has plans in his notebook. So walls will have to come later. But we can do the basics. And I remember some of it. I figure we clean it all out, paint the walls white, layout some tables to get a feel for the space and see where it takes us. It’ll keep me busy.”

Finn laughed, “Busy is good. But not nearly as fun as going out for a night on the town.”

I shrugged. “Finn we work at a night club don’t you get tired of it?”

Finn smiled. “Never.” But he started moving tables and stirred up dust that sent him hacking. “I got an hour before I need to settle into the job.”

And that was what I did while my pretty boy was away in Vegas. I worked, I ate, I slept. We talked on the phone for a few minutes everyday, sometimes we actually got to talk longer, but my schedule and his erratic schedule didn’t mesh up. I think Marco’s chef friend was running Angel through the ringer on purpose. Keeping him too busy to think about anything other than work. My pretty boy always loked tired when we manage to video chat. But he was always happy to see me. And I was grateful we had that technology. When I wasn’t doing any of those things I was either fixing up Angel’s space for his restaurant or I was in the gym beating a bag or a sparring partner to a pulp. I had to get my fustrations out someplace, phone sex was good and all, but nothing would ever come close to having my pretty boy underneath me.

Mandy visted me every Saturday. She made me breakfast. She claimed it wasn’t as good as Angel’s, but I wasn’t going to complain I didn’t have to warm it up myself. “Did you find what you were looking for?” She asked me the second to Saturday before Angel was fixing to come home.

“I did.” I grinned at her over a forkfull of pancake. She used a box mix and I could tell. I didn’t tell her that though. Liam was happily playing on the floor on my side of the island. He was growing by leaps and bounds. What’s funny is they were talking baby number two. They were barely getting any sleep with Liam.

“You’re leaving tomorrow?”

I nodded. “Yeah He’ll work on Monday and Tuesday and I’ll have him to myself Wednesday through Thursday and Friday morning we’ll be on a plane here. Just in time to pick up a bar shift for Drew.”

“He could have picked that up for you.”

I shook my head. “No, it’s alright, I got it. I can’t let Zion faulter just because I’ve a boyfriend.”

“Zane…” Mandy said. “He’s important too.”

I laughed. “I know that. He’s disappointed I didn’t make it out. I told him after he had adjusted. But he’s not said anything. I can see it though.”

“I don’t know why you just didn’t tell him your plan. He’d be so much happier.”

I laughed. “I want it to be a surprise.”

Mandy sighed, “I’ll never understand men. I wonder if Angel has a problem understanding men? Maybe I should consider women…” She grinned at me.

“I’m sure Drew would love that.”

Mandy laughed, “He’d prefer another man. His dalliances with men weren’t like your’s. Once every few years when the right one came up. He played them as much as he played women. Why he ever settled down with me I’ll never know.”

“He loves you.” I defended her.

“I know that. And he adores you. He waited around for you to come back to us for a long time.”

“I couldn’t get in the way.”

Mandy nodded. “I know and he knew. But he hoped.” She laughed, “And the point is moot now, Angel is your everything. I’ve never seen you with only one person for this long. Six months?”

“Dating for going on eight, we were sleeping together on and off for two months before that.”

“Wow.” Mandy grinned. “And six weeks he spent away and you ….” She laughed. “Zane, all groweded up.”

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