Fuck Me


Angel walked away. I hadn’t intended this to go south. I say the wrong thing at the wrong time and things turn around as fast as they started. But he wasn’t leaving me, wasn’t walking away, he was going to our bed. He was tired. I knew this. When I started I knew he was tired. I should have just tucked him in bed and we’d not be having this conversation – again.

We hadn’t had it since our last blow out, but still. It came back down to me being a jealous boyfriend. I was angry at myself for this. I was shocked when he came over to me. He was angry. The look on his face so rare. Anger wasn’t an emotion Angel went through often. I’d seen him fustrated, sad, happy. I’d seen him smile through a fight with his father. I’d seen a lot but anger was not one of them. His long finger raked at my clothes. His normal gentle touch much firmer, almost to the point it hurt. But the words that came out didn’t match his anger. His voice was quiet in that cold rage some people had. My father was excellent at it and I watched as Angel told me he loved me. How much he needed me. The words came out in a tumble of emotions. The anger had faded with each passing sentence, leaving him raw and exposed and I didn’t have any words to describe what I was feeling. Only thing coming into my head was fuck me.

I was reeling from his words. His raw emotion. I kicked my boxers and pants off and closed the distance between us. It was only a few steps and I was wrapping my arms around his waist and pulling him close. “I can’t say it won’t bother me again.” I pressed a kiss to his lips and muttered against them, “I love you.”

Angel smirked, “If it stopped bothering you I’d think something was wrong lover. I love you too.” He pressed his lips to mine and that was the last thing we said that was coherent. My hands were pushing down his boxers as we moved back towards the bed. We fell without any grace on to it and Angel kicked his boxers off.

Hands and mouths were everywhere. We rutted against each other trying to find that right amount of friction. There was nothing rushed about us. Each caress of skin was tender and loving. We had no where to be, no reason to hurry. It was us – forever. And even in the midst of all that, I couldn’t help but notice that Angel was beneath me, giving me what I wanted. His eyes were lit with lust and desire, and filled with love. He didn’t want to be anywhere else. I pushed the thoughts away as I pushed inside of him. He groaned and I bit his neck to keep from making a sound myself. I loved the little noises he made, I wanted to hear him, listen to his pleasure beneath me with each thrust, and bite and suckle of his neck. Each slap of flesh as I pressed inside him hard, but slow.

We were in no hurry, Vegas would come all too soon…

By the time I woke up the next morning the sun was high in the sky and Angel was no where in the bedroom. I laid in bed staring at the ceiling wondering what the fuck was I going to do for six weeks. We’d been dating for six months and four of them had been living together. We saw each other everyday for four months, and in a week he was leaving. The smell of bacon and coffee sank into my bones. I could stay in bed. My body was sore, in a good way sore, but sore none-the-less and the air would be cool and our bed was so soft and warm. I could roll over and go back to sleep.

I didn’t get that option as Angel pushed open the door carrying a tray with a grin on his face. “Figured I could take care of you for once.” He chuckled softly, “Never get to bring you breakfast in bed, you are always up when you smell coffee.”

I laughed. “You made coffee last?”

He nodded. “The bacon too. So careful it’s hot.”

I looked down at the tray covered in food. Eggs, bacon, fruit tarts, coffee, but no pancakes. “You aren’t taking very good care of me. There are no pancakes.”

Angel grinned. “Don’t you ever get tired of pancakes for breakfast?”

My eyes went wide in disbelief, “Have you tasted your pancakes?” I smirked, “Of course not, can’t tarnish those abs of yours.”

Angel stuck his tongue out at me and stood up from the edge of the bed. He flipped on the bedroom light in retalization. I screwed my eyes shut from the bright offensive light. Angel was coming back in the door holding a plate with pancakes and icecream topping it as I was blinking the tears from my eyes. “You do love me…” I joked

And Angel laughed. “I do.” He pressed his lips to my forehead. “Eat lover.”

I ate several bites while Angel laid next to me. I looked down at him with his eyes closed and wondered what he was thinking about. “Penny for your thoughts?”

A slow smile spread across his lips. “Just thinking about you, taking in the feel of our room, the scent of you.”

“What about me?” I said around a forkful of eggs.

“Last night. And every night before that.”

“Not the fights I hope.” I was a little worried that things were going to fall apart, and breakfast was going to be the end of it, like it had on many occassions.

Angel shook his head and the red tips scattered even more across the pillow. “No. Our fights come down to one thing.”

“Oh really?” I quipped.

Angel smirked with his eyes still closed. “Yeah, really. We are both insecure idiots.”

“Hey, I resemble that remark.” I said in mock offense.

His eyes opened. “Zane, I may be going away physically, but my heart is yours, it always will be yours to do with what you will.”

And for the next week that’s how my mornings went, my evenings were spent curled up with my pretty boy in my lap while I watched TV and he worked on his ideas. Or preparing for Vegas. He was doing a lot of research on the restaurants he’d be working at. I was going to miss him…

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