Baby Talk


Lunch went well. Zane helped me with the food so it wasn’t just me getting up most of the time. That and it gave us a few moments of alone time so I could recharge. I was pretty sure we had all eyes on us since the dinning area was in complete view of the kitchen, but I needed those moments.

After Lunch the parents sat around chatting. I had to get ready for work. Zane would leave when our guests did, but unlike my dad I had to actuall go in on time or I didn’t get paid. I was in our bedroom reapplying make up when there was a knock on the door. “Angel?”

The voice of Zane’s mother made me shiver. It wasn’t fear, more anxiety. This was the first mother I’d ever had to deal with on this level. I didn’t have one. I hadn’t needed one. I loved my fathers. “Come on in. I’m in the bathroom.” Which really wasn’t a bathroom was just the toilet and a sick, the shower was in another part of the dressing area. This mirror had the best light though.

She stepped into the doorway and I smiled in the mirror.

“We are fixing to leave but I wanted to talk with you a moment.”

I set the eyeliner pen down and turned towards her. “Okay. About what?”

“You intentions with my son.”

I sighed. “You think I’m a money grubbing two bit nothing that is using your son?” I joked but I didn’t think I was far from the mark. No one was ever good enough for her only baby boy. I could see the scenario playing out in my head.

She laughed. “Well… now that you mention it.” She continued with a wave of her delicate hand. “But no, I want grand babies. Obviously you can’t unless you are hiding something under those pretty clothes of yours. Zane is our only son, we want the family line to continue. To stay in blood, if you understand.”

I smiled. “Ma’am. I have no problem if with a woman bearing his child. As long as he’s not sleeping with her. Surrogacy works fine. We have full control of it. The donor egg, the surrogate mother. But you know all this, it’s kinda what you do.”

She smiled. “I do. And that’s why I’m coming to you. When the two of you decide you are ready, make an appointment with my clinic. I will ensure you, and your mother have the best care. I know Zane will not want his mother to be nagging him, but please at least use our clinic.”

“To be honest, Mrs. Kennedy, I don’t think Zane would trust anyone else with the fate of his kids.”

“Or your’s honey. You have a line to continue yourself.”

I laughed. “My line is adoptive. There are kids out there who need homes like I did. That’s my line.”

She smiled at me and those big bright blue eyes were sad. “Don’t sell yourself short honey. Blood is worth it.”

“That’s telling me that my family isn’t. That Babbo and Dad are lesser because they chose to adopt instead of bear children of their line.” I turned back towards the mirror and finished doing what I was doing.

“That’s not what I meant darling. I only meant….”

“I know what you meant Mrs. Kennedy.”

Mr. Kennedy spoke from the doorway to our room, “Violet, leave the boy alone, you’ve offended him enough for one night. The food was excellent, Angel. I look forward to your grand opening.”

I nodded. “Thank you sir, no idea when that will be though. If ever.” I said.

Mrs. Kennedy put her hand on my arm. “It was excellent. But think about what I said Angel.”

“Yes, ma’am.” I couldn’t say anything more, otherwise I’d snap. My whole life people asked me, have you ever looked for your biological parents? I always wondered why. They left me in a dumpster. My parents never lied to me about where I came from. And just because their blood doesn’t run through my veins does’t make them any less my parents. I love them, they love me.

I heard the Kennedy’s leave and my father stepped into the room. He smiled at me as I fumed in the mirror and his smile faded. “Thank you, son.”

I smiled. “I’m glad it worked out for you.”

“Don’t do it again.”

I laughed. “I shouldn’t need to. I don’t plan on introducing anyone else to the family.”

Dad laughed. “Babbo slipped out before you. He wanted me to give you a big hug and a kiss but I think I’ll just pat your back. You’ve grown so much Angel.”

“Thanks, Dad. But I’ll take the hug.”

My father relented and wrapped his arms around me. It wasn’t a hug like Babbo would give me, but it was a hug from my father. “Enjoy Vegas. Bring me back something.”

I grinned. “Alright.”

And then the apartment was empty save me and Zane. I could almost hear the furniture breathe a sigh of relief. Zane came in and crowded behind me and shoved his arms around my waist. “You okay?”

“I’m okay.” I lied, but I was feeling better.

Zane laughed, “Don’t let my mother make life difficult.”

“She didn’t. She only claimed my family was lesser than yours.”

“She didn’t mean it.” Zane defended, “But she doesn’t know how to say things like it’s a shame your pretty blue eye’s won’t be passed down to your children if you adopt without being insulting. She makes a living passing on genes everyday, so she’s a little biased. We’ll do whatever you want.”

I grinned, “And if I just wanted it to be us forever?”

Zane laughed. “Then I’ll happily disappoint my mother year after year.”

I turned around in his embrace, “I want her happy for us, for you. I want her to be happy with us.”

“She’ll be fine no matter what. Mother will get along just fine with grandchildren not of her blood or with none at all. She’ll survive.”

“At least she didn’t bring it up at dinner.” I said. “I don’t think Babbo would have enjoyed that conversation.”

“I don’t think anyone would have.” Zane said with a smile. “You coming to Zion tonight?”

“Yeah.” I nodded, “I asked Cino to close up for me so I could take off a little early to catch more of House of Crowley playing.”

Zane smiled. “Good.” He pressed a kiss to my lips. “Go to work before you get fired.” He chuckled and shoved me towards the door playfully.

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