Family Matters


Angel was nervous and it was making my own nerves worse. I wasn’t too worried about my mom. She’d love Angel as everyone loved Angel. He just made you smile with his gentlemanly ways, and he was such a flirt. Specially with women. I was worried Mr. Vega was going to hurt Angel more than anyone else could – by walking out. I had been pleasantly surprised when he had stayed and my father told him he didn’t have to hide with family. I watched the light in Angel’s eyes.

We’d been living together for four months solid. We’d dated for two months before that, and had a rocky two months before that. Was this moving fast – probably. And I was considering a joint venture with my current lover – which my father advised against. But he would have advised against Angel moving in to begin with. This was our family. All of it. Finn and Drew were like family to me too, but they were chosen, this was all blood. Well again not really since Angel share no blood with anyone in the room. Marco and Daniel had chosen Angel.

Angel watched everyone eating. Funny thing was even I hadn’t tasted this, but he wasn’t worried we wouldn’t like it. He was worried about the conversations, or lack there of. Everyone off in their own worlds. My mother was the first one to break the silence. “So, Daniel. Tell us how you met our beloved Chef? Did you meet him on the job?”

Marco laughed and I felt Angel relax a little. “We’ve known each other since university.” His Italian accent was heavy with the memory of his past.

Daniel took Marco’s hand in a display of affection that Angel noticed and a small smile grew on his lips relaxing him further. His father was going to be okay. Daniel rolled his eyes. “We both went to the same bar, different schools, but back then finding the right guy wasn’t as easy as walking down the street.” He looked at us and then back to my mother. “Marco and Angel may share no blood, but they draw attention no matter where they go. Good and bad. Marco had drawn bad attention the night we actually me.”

Daniel took a sip of wine and Marco continued while his partner was savoring his dinner. “Big burly men always find the pretty of us appealing, and he was forcing himself on me despite my urgings otherwise. Daniel being the man that he is, interrupted them. He was first year law and started spouting off all sorts of jargon about why they should stop. Daniel is not a fighter any more than I am. He took two fists, the first to his gut an the second to his face but them man left us alone after that. Called us both fags and left the gay bar.”

Daniel shook his head, “We later found out he was in there to do just that, to pound a few gay men. In one of two forms. Marco took me home, fed me and tended to my wounds, in that order.”

“He looked famished.” Marco said defending himself. “But we became fast friends but we didn’t do much more until we were both in the US to stay. Then I found a baby boy in the dumpster outside where I worked. Life changed that moment. Even Daniel knew it then. We fought for the next six years to keep that little boy.”

My other asked, “I take it the parents never were found?”

Daniel shook his head, “No, Violet, we looked for three years before trying to adopt him, he stayed with us while the police looked, and we even hired a private investigator because we didn’t think the police cared. But we found nothing, so we tried to adopt. It was difficult and they took him from us.”

Angel interrupted, “They don’t need to know the rest.”

Daniel nodded, “Let’s just say the next three years of Angel’s life were hell. He was in a bad situation and no one knew it until another little boy died. Suddenly a gay couple looked really good.”

“Why hide Daniel? Your career was still young, it could have survived. We would have all understood.” My dad asked.

Marco answered instead. “We thought it best that Daniel’s career be about his merits and not about the gay lawyer working mob cases, or what other rumors circulated about adding gay lawyer to everything made it all sound so much worse. So I adopted Angel, we never got married at least on paper, all to foster the illusion that Daniel Vega was on the straight and narrow.”

I grinned, “Emphasis on straight.”

Daniel nodded, “Precisely. I didn’t want our boys together.” He looked at my dad. “Honestly, thought it would end badly for them both and then end badly between us, Steven. Our business is too important.”

“Nothng is more important than family, Daniel.” My mother said. “Nothing would have changed our opinion of you. Nothing has.”

Angel got up, “I’ll get the next course.”

My mother asked, “How many are there? I’m not sure how much of this we can handle.”

I laughed, “You will get fat here, Mom. But Angel made small portions of everything, so as not to make us fat.”

He called out from the kitchen, “But there is plenty more if you like it.”

“He made enough to take to Joe downstairs, Finn and for Drew’s family. Since we postponed their lunch dates for this.”

“Oh, darling, you didn’t have to.” My mother said.

Angel was back in the room setting bowls of cold soup down in front of us. I could smell the main entree in the oven. “A light Indian flavored soup.” He set the bowl down in front of my mother and grineed, “And yes, Mrs. Kennedy we had to do this. It was about time we got everyone together.”

My dad nodded, “I think you are right Angel.”

There was a second bottle of wine sitting on the counter which I got and poured to the second wine glass in front of each person. Angel grinned at me and mouthed, ‘thank you.’ I blew a kiss at him and his smile grew. I fucking loved that smile.

“Angel, darling, why the flamboyance? Trying to scare away the girls?”

Angel smirked. “Duckling, you’d be surprised at how many girls like the flamboyance. A quick smile, painted fingers through the dyed tips, a faked pout, a flavored kiss. The hint of tattoos suggestiong not quite so soft.” With each word he laid on the charm thick. I knew the voice well. And I saw the affect on my mother and laughed. Angel was behind me an I looked up, he pressed a long kiss to my lips and I was hard pressed not to open my mouth to make it deeper. Our parents were in the room, but fuck if his words hadn’t aroused me.

Daniel sighed, “And it seems to have the same effect on men too.”

Angel chuckled against my lips. “I could probably say not so sexy things to Zane an get the same reaction.”
“Okay, son. Enough.” Marco said, “Before you are making all of us blush and you are laughing at us old people.”

“I would never.” He said.

Daniel groaned. “Yes, you would.”

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