Living Together


Moving my stuff was uneventful. And when I got home that evening Mandy had put away all my things. She blushed madly when she told me about a box she had opened and then promptly closed before shoving it under the bed. I probably should have locked it but then I didn’t expect people to be unpacking my things. Zane was gone, he was at Zion. I could have gone to see him but instead I wandered around the house. It was the first time I had been alone in Zane’s apartment. It was oddly quiet and I was grateful it smelled like him otherwise I’d probably have had a panick attack.

I opened all the doors, but I didn’t touch anything. The closet in the hall was a mess and I had to close it quickly or my OCD with organization would kick in and I’d spend all night rearranging things so they didn’t fall out of the closet when you opened it.

I found Zane’s office, and there was a spare bed in it, or rather a futon that could layout into a bed big enough to sleep on, but it didn’t look very comfortable. The computer was on with a soft blue glow in the darkened room. I took in things but closed the door without much more than a glance.

The last room down the hall was used as a music studio. I knew Zane played the guitar, but I didn’t expect the set up he had in the room. When the lights flipped on I was amazed by the sound boards and the sound room he had set up. He didn’t just dabble at it – he’d spent money. And yet he worked a bar. Well he did more than that – he owned it. He was good at it. But it made me want to hear him play. Maybe now that I was living here I would. I turned the light off and closed the door to Zane’s little slice of heaven and walked through the living room, taking in everything that was here. I didn’t own a lot of things. I hadn’t had to living with my parents. I probably had more clothes than necessary and more kitchen things that most people, but I didn’t have movies running around like Zane’s vast array. Or the collection of CDs. He had pictures of his family and friends lining the walls and shelves full of things, his mantle had pictures and knick-knacks. I looked at each one, and turned all the knick-knacks to face the right direction instead of the happazard way they were set after years of dusting.

I didn’t think Zane cleaned his house that throughly. But then again I grew up with both my parents who hired a maid to clean their apartment for as long as I remembered. I had a nanny for several years before they hired babysitters or didn’t sent me to some after school program or another. Ms. Angelina, or I’d go to work with Babbo. I expected Zane hired it out. Which was probably a good thing I cleaned my kitchen but I wasn’t much of a cleaner. I liked things organized but I didn’t obsess over cleaning things other than my kitchen.

I looked out the bay window and sat down and stared out into the city for a long time before I made my way to the bedroom. The room smelled like Zane. I took a shower and curled up in bed in my boxers around Zane’s pillows.

After that first night, life went pretty much the same way. I’d go to bed and Zane would come in shorthly after and curl up around me and we’d sleep until I had to get up. Breakfast and shower and I’d kiss Zane good-bye and he’d go back to bed for a few more hours. I’d go to class, and the gym and do my thing before going to work and we’d do it all over again.

The weekends were a lot the same except we actually had time to spend together. Saturday we spent the mornings together alone, Finn and Drew and his family came over before I had to go to work. Sunday I took off after moving in with Zane. It was the only day we had to spend all day together.

It went on like that for a good two months before things were upset. Friday night Zane got a call from Drew, said Liam and Mandy were drop dead sick and he couldn’t get the morning shipment. Zane agreed to get things going in the morning for Drew. Which meant I was alone in the apartment dancing in the kitchen with music blaring. I didn’t hear it when Mr. Kennedy walked into the apartment. I turned around to get something from the island and I found him standing on the other side and I jumped. I hurriedly paused the music and wiped my hands down. “Mr. Kennedy.” I offered my hand and added, “I’m sorry I didn’t hear you come in.”

He chuckled. “Well at least you and Zane weren’t having an intimate moment.”

I grinned. “Nah, you just missed it. I can tell you all about it if you’d like.”

The chuckle turned to a laugh as Mr. Kennedty took my hand and shook firmly. He set his breif case down on the floor and sat down opposite me. “Is Zane here?” he asked.

“No sir, he had to go to Zion to set up for Drew. Mandy and Liam got that cold that’s going around.”

“Any idea when he’ll be back?”

I shrugged. “No, I’d expect before lunch when Finn will show up for food.”

Mr. Kennedy checked his watch. He smiled. “It smells wonderful in here.”

I said, “Thanks. I’m working on some receipes. Zane and Finn are my guinea pigs.”

“I’m sure they don’t mind if it all smells this good.”

“No sir, they usually aren’t very good critics. Are you hungry? I can fix you a plate.”

“Actually that would be wonderful.” Mr. Kennedy said as he picked up his breifcase and pulled out some papers. I plated my latest creation it was mostly done, but I was missing a few elements but they weren’t key. I even made sure the presentation was perfect. No point in skimping on it.

I set the plate in front of Mr. Kennedy. “Wine?”

“If that’s what you suggest.”

I grinned. “Yes, sir.” I poured a glass of wine that would be paired with the mean.

I watched Mr. Kennedy take a bite and I watched as he closed his eyes and savored the first bit. He ate several more bites before he took a swallow with the wine. “When, Zane told me he was dating a wanna-be chef who was the son of Marco Lucciano I figured he’d just take over from his father. Instead I find out he’s dating a man who has his eyes set on a bigger goal – his own restaurant with a unique twist, and after tasting this one dish I’m going to say that if he needs any help, we are behind you.”

I looked at him and then down at the paper. “Zane gave you the unfinished business proposal?”

“He did. I know your dad probably looked it over, but I think Zane forgets sometimes your father is a lawyer too.”

I laughed. “No sir, he doesn’t forget.”

“Why do you think he showed me then?”

“To show you his boyfriend who he is living with him isn’t clinging to his daddy’s coat tails.” I grinned.

“I think there is a little bit more to it too.” He picked up the paper and flipped to a section and slide it across the island.

I picked it up and read a different proposal. Mr. Kennedy smiled. “I take it you haven’t seen what Zane added.”

“No sir.” I read through it and was surprised.

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