Worth the Wait


I was half asleep in Zane’s warm embrace. I knew my fingers were trailing across his naked body, it was comforting touching him. I missed this. And the funny thing was there never really was this before. It was hot and fast and steamy. Right now was comfortable and sexy lying with my boyfriend. Still hard to beleive that I had a boyfriend after all these years just playing a game with so many people. Sex felt good. But damn this felt better.

Zane grabbed my hand and bit my neck at the same time and I yelped in my drowsy state. But it wasn’t long before I was melting into him. When Zane rolled on top of me I saw nothing but lust and love in his eyes. I was in awe of the man I had on top of me. Perfect in everyway – not to say he was perfect. But perfect for me. We’d talked about kids, and a little about more than that – marriage. But I didn’t care about any of that. I just wanted forever with Zane.

As soon as Zane was on top of me he was rolling to his feet pulling me after him. I was slightly disappointed but then we started for the bedroom and I couldn’t help but move my hand from to his hip and then to his back pulling him closer as he walked backwards to the bedroom. We kissed, small pecks on the lips. Zane captured my bottom lip in his mouth and bit. The sharp pain went straight to my cock and I moaned my pleasure into his mouth. I felt him smile against my lips.

Zane’s legs hit the foot of the bed and he turned me with ease and pushed me flat onto the bed and tugged my boxers off. He stood above me admiring my body. He waved his hands up to the headboard and I crawled backwards so we didn’t hang off the bed. I tossed the pillows to the side and they tumbled to the floor. Zane pulled his boxers off and I could admire his body as he crawled on top of me with one leg between mine. He held himself above me. “What do you want Angel?” He asked, his voice husky and full of desire.

I hummed low in my throat and craned forward to kiss him long and hard. I licked my lips when I was laying flat again, “Just you.”

That seemed to make him happy as he smiled and pressed his body down on top of me. His weight trapping me against the bed. His mouth devouring mine and both his hands fisted in my hair. My fingers splayed across his back. His mouth moved to my neck, pulling slightly against my hair to give him better access to his favorite spots on my neck. He sucked and kissed. A sharp bite soothed with the gentle caress of his tongue and I ground my hips up against him and he chuckled. “Hold still, pretty boy.”

I groaned up against him again in defiance and he bit my neck and I groaned but stopped moving. Zane laughed against my neck, I wondered if he was remembering our conversations before. I didn’t want a dom, or a top. I just wanted Zane. That’s all I wanted. Whatever he wanted I’d do.

He pulled back and put his elbows by my ears and looked down at me. Zane smiled and I bit my bottom lip but held his gaze despite the desire to look down. “Do you want me ttell you what to do?” Zane asked.

“No.” I licked my lips, “I only want you. However you want me, I’ll be. I just want you,” my voice quieted to a bare whisper, “forever.”

Zane’s smile grew wider, “I’m right here, Angel. I’m not going anywhere.” He sat up and pointed to the drawer. “If you would.”

I looked at the drawer and grabbed the lube and a condom. I held them in my hands above my body and took a deep breath and closed my eyes. Zane took the lube and reached for the comdom and I pulled it away. “We don’t need this unless you think we do. I haven’t been with anyone, including you since my last clean test.” I opened my eyes and looked up at Zane. He was smiling and stretched across to grab the condom and my heart sank a little until he tossed it back to the nightstand. There were no words spoken beyond that.

Zane pressed his cock against my hole and from there I unraveled. Our bodies slide against each other. The heat fogged the cool windows. Hand and mouths everywhere. Our moans mingled with each other, I lost perspection of who was making what noises. There were no lies, no untouched zones. The world outside passed by as we pushed each other further and further to the edge at a slow, steamy pace.

I erupted allover Zane’s hand as he filled me riding out our organsms together until we both collapsed to the beddingless bed. Our bodies still twined together as I drifted off to sleep thinking that was so fucking worth the wait.

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