My Pretty Boy


Asking Angel to move or at least be able to afford his living arrangements had been something I was thinking about for a few days when he agreed I wasn’t surprised. He had agreed before things blew up. Only now there was more at stake, we had been dating – fucking dating – me. I still couldn’t wrap my head around it. And living with Angel was something I was prepared to do. I missed having him close. And I was selfish – I wanted him all to myself in every possible way. I wanted him to cook for me, I wanted him in my bed. I was being selfish when I asked him. I know I said I was doing it to help him out – but I was doing it all for me.

Getting his friends to help him move was a good idea, though I was pretty sure Finn and Drew would have helped out and they still might – I mean they’ve been eating for free for months on Saturday. And with him at my place they knew where to stop by for more good eats.

Carrying his things into my home was heavy – not that his things were heavy – my heart was heavy but not in a bad way. It wasn’t freeing. It was scary to have this neat freak of a guy living with me. It was scary having to share my space, but it felt right and safe. And like I had all my things around me. I could keep my pretty boy safe. And he was mine. I’d come to terms with that set of emotions when I punched Ant in the face. He was mine. And now he was living in my house where I could take care of him.

We put the kitchen stuff down in the boxes. Angel started to put things away and I grabbed him by the hand. “Later pretty boy. It’s not going anywhere.”

It wasn’t too late. I tugged him over to the couch. I pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it behind the couch, and shucked my shoes and pants leaving a pile on the floor which Angel looked at and then looked back up at me with big innocent eyes checking out my body. I crooked my finger at him and he stepped closer and I pulled his t-shirt over his head and he kicked off his shoes and I helped him with his pants. It was a little chilly in the room he had goosebumps running across his body and I pulled him close and pressed a kiss to his lips. I wanted to do so much more, but right now, we needed to ease back into the sexual relationship. We’d been playing keep away for two months. I couldn’t wait anymore, and from the tent in his boxers he couldn’t either. But sex lead to emotions and we needed to keep those in check.

I pulled him down on to the couch with me laying down, curling around him in front of me. I’d seen his last tattoo, but when he laid down I noticed another new one. He still had the salve on it. I wondered how well he was putting it on, or if he was asking someone to do it. There was a brush of jealous as my fingers traced around it. He leaned forward say quietly, “I can reach it, it’s hard but I manage.”

He always seemed to know what was going to make me freak out. Much like I avoided pissing him off too. We were tiptoeing around eachother at times. And it made me doubt what we were doing – the whole living together. But then I saw what he’d added to his treasure map – a guitar with musical notes that crossed to make an A and hearts, but it wasn’t my name or anything that he couldn’t keep. I pressed a kiss to his back. I knew what it took for him to actually get a tattoo. “You didn’t get this because of something I did did you?”

He laughed. “Well not anything you did. But I got it because of you. You may not be my first sexual experience but you are the first I wanted more with, so I thought it was worth while. Something I didn’t want to forget.”

“You planning on breaking up with me?” I pressed a kiss to his shoulder hoping he knew I was joking.

“No. But I have my parents, my adoption, why not the start of more with you?” He rolled over on to his back and looked up at me. “There are a lot more events in our life I’ll record on my back.”

I kissed him softly and then asked, “Like what?”

“I dunno, moving in together, getting married, kids.”

“You want to get married?” I asked. It wasn’t a conversation I thought we were ready to have yet. Hell I wasn’t even thinking that far ahead.

He shrugged. “One day, maybe. Nothing soon.” He reassured me. “I was meaning those big life events. I don’t need more than you Zane.” He grinned up at me. “Everything else is the icing on the cake.”

“You don’t even like cake.” I said.

He chuckled and rolled over to grab the remotes and handed them to me as he leaned up and captured my lips with his and slid his tongue into my mouth. We melded together effortlessly. Our hands stationarly against the other’s chest. It was like we were both scared to do more.

He whispered against my lips, “What do you want to watch?”

I put on something that I had already seen. Angel watched the opening credits before he returned to his back and his fingers traced the lines of my stomach and chest while he watched the movie. His fingers trailed lower and I growled against his neck and grabbed his hand. He yipped as I bit his neck but he melted into the affection with a soft moan that made my cock twitch against his hip. His leg pressed closer. We’d been playing this game too long.

I rolled on top of him. My weight pressed him into the coushins. The look on my pretty boy’s face was priceless particularly when I rolled off him and tugged him up off the couch. I walked backwards towards my… no, our bedroom. He followed, but his hands roamed from my hips to my back, he was eager. Fuck I was eager.

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