Bending the Rules


My parents showed up and I started panicking. Thankfully I had Zane with me. Granted it was also the reason I was panicking, but Zane always made things better. It wasn’t anything he said or did, he just was. It was hard to beleive that was how I felt. Even my dad was surprised but he was also very estatic I was that comfortable with Zane that my fears were less with him.

Dad and Zane actually got along well considering. It was amusing watching them cheering for the team. It was the atmospher I was sure, but I’d seen both of them alone watching a game to know they did this on the couch too. I almost expected them to chest bump at one point but neither of them did. If they’d been frieds I’m sure it would have happened.

I stole a glance at Babbo and he had an amused smile behind his notebook. I put mine away and curled up with Zane’s coat while watching him. The game was eventful – lots of shouting and sirens and shoving. A few fights broke out and there was blood on the ice. By the time the game was over my father and my boyfriend had bonded to a much greater degree than they had before. We walked with them out of the garden towards the subway station.

Dad stopped us before going down giving me a hug and a firm handshake to Zane. “We should get together for a dinner neither one of these two cook.”

Zane nodded. “Sounds great. I can make time whenever as long as it’s not Thursday through Saturday, those nights take bribery for Finn and Drew to let out of our busiest nights.”

Babbo grinned, “And Monday’s he’s already eating at Fiore.”

“Yeah. There is that too.” Zane agreed.

Dad nodded. “I can schedule it around Angel. I’m sure he’s got blocks set up that works for everyone.”

Zane chuckled. “Yeah his open times I can work with.”

Babbo wrapped his arm into Dad’s and tugged him away, “Let them go home.” He leaned in and whispered in Dad’s ear and I tuned out any and every thought that ran through my head.

Zane laughed. “They are going to get laid tonight.”

I sighed. “You had to say it.”

Zane wrapped his arm around me and tugged me down into the subway stairs. “It’s the only reason I had to say.” He pressed a kiss to my check. “Come home with me.”

It wasn’t an order but it certainly wasn’t a question. I looked at Zane while he looked straight ahead trying to keep a straight face. He added, “Spend the night.” He turned to look at me. “I miss the feeling of you next to me.”

I couldn’t help the rush of adrealine that coursed through my body. My body was almost shaking, my heart was racing. Zane continued softly, “It’s not the sex.” He gave me a wide smile that said he liked the sex.

I nodded. “Can we stop by my place so I don’t have to go back before going to Finn’s tomorrow?” I asked confident he’d say yes.

Zane grinned, “Are you going to experiment in my kitchen?”

“If you let me.”

The train rattled to a stop and we waited for the masses to leave before we got on with more of the mass in mass transit. There was only standing room, but that was okay, Zane took a strap and I held the same one and we braced against each other. It was all very hot feeling Zane’s muscles strain as the train lurched forward and again when it stopped. It may not have been the sex he missed, but we were both feeling the lack of it. It had been well over two months since we decided to take it slow. Zane wrapped an arm around me and held me close. I wrapped my free arm around him and we stood like that for the few stops we had before jumping off the train. We had to walk a few blocks to get to my place, but the weather was warming up and it was a nice clear day.

Zane asked, “When is your lease up?”

“I have a pay by the month lease – cash only. I prepaid three months to get that. It’s almost up.” I said.

“My offer still stands.” Zane said as he let me unlock the door before he pulled it open. I would never get over the whole gentlemanly thing Zane did. It made me smile each time. I knew some guys who it would bug. It bugged Zane a little when I opened doors for him.

I thought about his offer as we rode up to the third floor. I didn’t say anything until we were inside my studio and the door was closed. I started packing clothes into my school back pack for the next day along with the things I needed to do for class. “I found a place already so, am I moving in as a roommate, or something else?” I asked. It didn’t matter really, but I wanted to know what I was getting into first. And I think Zane waould like to know that too.

He leaned against the counter that jutted out into the middle of the living space separating the kitchen from the rest of the single room. He shoved his fingers through his hair and I smiled at his fustration. It wasn’t funny, it was to be reassuring, that I was okay with whatever he said.

“You can’t afford this place without touching your trust. With me you’ll only have to pay for groceries and half the utilities. I got the rest. Does that work for you?”

I nodded, “Probably, but that didn’t answer my question.” I closed the distance between us and put my hands on either side of him, trapping him against the counter and my body. “Am I taking the spare room or sharing with you?” I said as I pressed my body against his. It had been a long time since I’d let myself do this to him. To feel him this close. To smell his cologne and his soap mingled so closely to his skin. I loved the way he smelled and I pressed my nose to his neck and took a deep comforting breath. I whispered against his skin, “I’m okay either way.”

He put his hands on my shoulders and pushed me away and smiled. “Just live with me Angel. No definitions. Just come live with me. Stay in my bed. Take up space in my apartment. Make my kitchen yours. Pick up the stupid things on the floor that drive you mad. Put everything in it’s place. I’ll call Finn and Drew and move your Saturday experiment testing to our place.”

“Our place?” I grinned. “I like that.” I breathed out slowly to control my feelings and nodded. “Okay.”

On our way out we told the landlord and he just nodded with a muttered, “Not surprised” comment.

We took a cab to Zane’s place because we could take more things with us. My kitchen was almost empty and I had enough clothes to last a week, plus all my class work. In the cab Zane held me close, his arm around my shoulders and I leaned my head against his shoulder. We spoke in hushed whispers, “After lunch tomorrow, we can hit Ant up for the basketball and drag him and Henry to help us get the rest of the stuff and put what little furniture I have in storage.”

Zane nodded. “You sure you want to go play basketball?”

I shook my head. “I hate basketball, just because I’m 6 foot doesn’t mean I’m any good at it.”

Zane grinned, “You could be my cheerleader.”

I shook my head and elbowed Zane, “No.”

Zane chuckled. “What? Too girlie for you?”

“Yes.” I nodded. “Not a role I’ll play in the bedroom either if you think I’ll do that.”

Zane couldn’t stop laughing. “No skirts huh?”

“Hell no. I’m a man. You can put me in tights but I draw the line a skirts and blouses. I’m not trans, I don’t cross dress.”

Zane grinned at me and pressed a kiss to my lips. “You know I’m only teasing right?”

I nodded and then shook my head, “No, you are just being mean?” I pouted.

Zane rolled his eyes and whispered, “If you wanted me to kiss you, you only had to ask.” He took my lip between his teeth and bit softly before pulling it into his mouth and the kiss deepened and I knew we were going to break the rules of engagement tonight.

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