My Boyfriend


I watched Zane leave my floor. I waited until he called to grab a shower to wash the smell of club off my skin. We didn’t speak for long, but I was happy to hear his voice.

The weekend passed, Monday came and went and I saw Zane briefly at Fiore as I was coming in to help Babbo close up when it was time. We exchanged a few words and shared a kiss outside the coat room. Babbo commented on the perpetual smile I had the rest of the night.

Wednesday came and Zane picked me up as he promised. We walked to a Mexican Restaurant and shared a sampling of everything on the menu after I told Zane all about my plans to backpack across Mexico, Central and South America. We spent 2 hours talking and eating. There was a lot of flirting and touching. Instead of walking me home, Zane took the train with me to my next class. I was early but we sat outside on a bench talking until my alarm to get to class went off. The kiss we shared was needy but we parted ways none-the-less with promises of doing it again soon.

Three days later I called Zane while I was experimenting with a fusion receipe. I thought it was good but I wanted another opinion. We decided that hanging out in either of our apartments was probably a bad thing. Zane called Finn and Finn was all in and we met at his place where I could warm up the meal properly and I got two opinions. Rave reviews, but then I didn’t really expect anything less unless they didn’t like something specifically. We made a standing date for Saturday afternoon experiments which only lasted two more weeks before Drew and Mandy and their kids were joining us at Finn’s.

I was enjoying the time getting to know Zane with his friends. We had lunch dates every Wednesday afternoon. The one thing we both enjoyed was eating food. We liked it for different reasons, but we spent a lot of time talking about this that and everything else in between.

The week of Spring Break I worked quite a bit with Babbo, but Zane and I managed to catch a movie which landed us back at his place. Surprisingly we both behaved, well as two men can behave anyway. There was a lot of kissing and teenage antics on his couch. I remember having a good laugh over the fact that I had never done that before. Which brought up the conversation of firsts over chocolate icecream. Zane didn’t really eat much as he kept feeding me his while I ate my own. But he told me about his first time with Veronica and I told him about the girl who tried to change me.

She was nothing really, but a girl I’d known in school. She’d seen the beating I took a few weeks earlier when I’d kissed Dylan. He pummeled me. We both got a few days of in school suspension for fighting. I vaguely remember her name, Becky or Nicky something like that. She persuaded me rather easily to have sex with her in the school cleaning closet. Her hands were everywhere and it didn’t last long once I felt her hot wet pussy around me. She was proud of herself. I got an early rap as being that guy. The playboy, she never spoke to me again, and I never spoke to her, but she spread the rumor that I was easy to talk into it so naturally all the bad girls came after me. And thus started the whole let’s fuck girls even though I still only saw guys in my dreams.

Zane took me home and we had another long drawn out kissing session in my doorway. Thankfully none of my neighbors poked their nosy heads out or walked by. I’d already gotten a few sneers because I was dating a guy and being obvious about it. Thankfully the landlord didn’t care as long as I kept paying my rent.

One Wednesday for lunch we were both running a little late and decided to just grab pizza and walk Central Park for a little ways before class started again, we ran into Ant at the pizza shop. I thought things were going okay at first until we were outside the shop and and Zane asked me to hold his pizza. I didn’t think anything about it until he punched Ant in the face. Ant was a fighter too, all three of us could go a round or two before tapping out. But I didn’t want to see anything happen. I stepped between them and Ant understood I wasn’t going to let it go any further than that. He asked, “What the fuck was that for?”

I had a feeling I knew Zane’s answer so when he answered, “You ever force yourself on my boyfriend again I’ll do worse than punch you in the face.”

Ant looked at me with a glare then asked, “You told him I forced you.”

I shook my head, “It comes across as force when I said I wasn’t interested and you put me into scene mode anyway.”

He spit blood and looked at me. He looked at Zane standing behind me and nodded. When his attention returned to me, “Look, man, I’m sorry. I didn’t think about it that way. You never said no before.” He looked past me at Zane. “I haven’t touched him since I swear to god. We have rules. And rule number one is, never when either one of us has a significant other. I respect that. I respect you.”

Ant offered Zane his hand. “No bad blood man, he likes you too much for that.”

Zane grunted and nodded. He took Ant’s hand and shook but his other arm wrapped around my waist possessively and I couldn’t help but smile that spread on my lips. While Ant still had his hand, “You like hockey? My brother and his girl can’t make it to the last Ranger home game with me, you guys want to come? It’s Friday, I know it’s a busy day for the both of you. And I know it’s not your thing Angel. But I’d hate to see the tickets go to waste.”

I looked at Zane and saw a light in his eyes. He nodded and grinned as he agreed, “I can work it out. I’m sure Angel can too?” He looked at me and I nodded.

Ant laughed, “He’s got his dad wrapped around his finger. If it were his father we might have issues. Mr. Vega probably hates hockey.”

“Actually he likes hockey. So does Babbo.”

Ant laughed. “I can give you both my tickets and you can go with your dads. Make it a family thing.”

“I don’t know.” I said.

Zane shrugged. “You can’t keep me from your father forever.”

I grinned playefully and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “Can’t I?”

Zane nodded, “Don’t tell them we are coming, invite them along and it’ll be a surprise. I don’t think Mr. Vega will come if he knows I’m going to be there.”

Ant laughed and pointed a finger at Zane. “I like him. I’ll do that. Sneaky. If either of you are interested, this Saturday me and Henry have a pick up basketball game at the gym, we could always use more guys.”

“We’ll see.” I said. I wasn’t really big on the organized sports thing. Going to a hockey game would suck, but Zane seemed excited so I didn’t say anything. And meeting my parents there seemed even less than desireable. But I’d go with it.

Our quick lunch had been interrupted and we walked to my class building instead of around Central Park. But there was our usual make out session. Cal walked up behind us and cleared his throat and laughed. “Get a room.”

Zane grinned at me. “I’ll pick you up after class here on Friday, and we’ll grab food before heading to the game. Saturday we can play by ear?”

I nodded. “Alright.” He kissed me good-bye and just like that we had a double date with my fathers. Fuck.

The rest of my week went like it always had. It was the end of April. I had about two weeks left of classes then finals and finally out for the summer.

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  1. “We decided that hanging out in either of our apartments was probably a bad thing.” 😆 Probably by a lot.

    For the record, I like the fact that they decided to slow things down and actually get to know more about each other through dating.

    “Zane asked me to hold his pizza. I didn’t think anything about it until he punched Ant in the face.” Angel probably should have seen that one coming. 😀

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