Before Breakfast


Zane was pressing me backwards, his hands tugging at my coat and his was already shed to the floor which left his chest bare. My fingers itched to touch him but my hands were bound by my coat behind me. Breakfast was going to wait. But so was the bedroom. I groaned at the thought of being taken like this. Zane backed me up until my legs hit the back of his couch and I fell back into it. My hands trapped behind me still as Zane sat on my lap and devoured my mouth with his own. It was hot and wet and I could feel his cock pressing against his jeans and my stomach. I ground up against him and he growled into my neck as he bit hard and I yelp. His tongue was hot and wet against the mark soothing the pain away.

“Stay just like this.” He crooned in my ear. And slid off my lap and went to the bedroom. He came back with a condom and lube in one hand and his clothes had vanished in the bowels of his apartment. My mouth went dry despite the fact I could drool over him. I wanted to touch him but my hands were underneath me pinned inside my coat. I groaned as he came close.

Zane smirked. “Pretty boy, you look stuck.”

I shook my head. “I’m right where I want to be.”

His smirk grew wider as he tossed the items in his hand to the couch. He knelt down and tugged my shoes off. “Can you stand up?”

“Yeah.” I stood up and Zane clucked his tongue.

“Mmmmmm.” He grabbed the button on my jeans and undid it and shoved my jeans and boxers down around my ankles and tugged my shirt over my head. My were freed and I could touch him. When I brought down my arms I set them on his shoulders and grinned at him. “Sit down.”

I sat down . My fingers trailed down Zane’s chest down to his hips. I tugged at his hips and pulled him down with me. Zane smirked. “In a hurry pretty boy?”

I laughed. “No, I just want you back where you where.”

Zane leaned against me and bit my neck. I lolled my head back so he could get access to his favorite spot above the tattoo on my neck. “Ahhh…” I groaned as he sucked and played with the one spot. My cock twitched each time he made a small noise.

“Angel.” Zane moaned my name. “This isn’t exactly how I saw this when I brought you home.”

“How did you see this playing out?” I spoke softly while my body pushed up against his.

“Not like this.” He grabbed the condom and slide backwards and rolled it over my hard cock. I shuddered at the touch but more from the anticipation of what was to come. “More savage, me taking charge, fuking you.”

I groaned at his words as he pushed me inside himself with ease. “Fuck Zane.” I moaned into his neck and bit. Zane echoed my words. I wanted to ask why but I Zane started moving slowly along my shaft and my mind went black. Not completely just nothing but the man riding my cock was on my mind. The way he moved, the taste of his skin, the feel of him, the way he smelled. There was nothing but Zane in those moments. My fingers dug into his hips as he rocked and shifted. Our mouths were everywhere we could reach. It wasn’t savage, but Zane was in charge. I had no doubt.

The slow build up rose in my gut. The fire peirced every pore. Every touch was electric it almost hurt. But there was nothing but Zane. I groaned out, “I’m close.”

Zane took my ear lobe in his mouth and sucked. His whisper sent my body into overdrive, “Not yet, pretty boy.” He slammed himself on top of me twice and rolled his hips against mine. He whispered again into my ear, “Not yet, Angel.”

My body shuddered at his touch and his hands on my shoulders. His lips against my neck. Teeth and tongue played with the overly tender skin. I reached between us to stroke his cock but he pulled my hands away from his body completely and pressed my hands into the top of the couch. Zane squeezed me inside of him as he rose up only to slam back down. It was hot and agonizing as I needed to come. “Please.” I begged.

Zane’s voice was breathy and heavy through the panting, “Not yet, Angel.”

Zane’s movements became erratic the closer he drew to his own climax. It wasn’t strong and steady, it was frantic but I didn’t care I was lost to the pain of holding back. My head was leaning against the couch exposing my neck completely to Zane which he took full advantage of. His teeth on my skin make me groan and shudder. His hot wet lips and tongue made me buck against him. His fingers against my wrists and the feel of the fabric of the couch felt like they burned my skin. Each frantic movement inside of Zane made me see stars. I was lost in my pleasure.

I felt the sudden warmth on my stomach and Zane moaning my name out as he came. He continued to ride my cock as he pushed through his orgasm, I hung on to my pleausre. Zane bit my neck and whispered, “Now.” And It didn’t take more than a final squeeze from Zane’s orgasm for me to follow him through the ecstasy of it all.

We sat in glorified silence for a long time. Zane pressed against my chest and his head resting next to mine. “Fuck, Zane.” I groaned when I was able to finally speak.

My lover chuckled in my ear. “I’m still starving.”

I nodded, “Soon as I can move.”

Zane laughed. “Are you saying I’m fat?”

“Not at all.” I pressed a kiss to his lips. “I’m saying I can’t move because you were that good.”

“Good cover.” He laughed then slide to the side. “I’m gonna clean up out here.” He picked up my boxers and t-shirt and toseed them on the other side of me. “Grab a clean shirt and I’ll be back out. You start breakfast.”

I grinned. “Yes, sir.”

Zane leveled a look at me. “I’m not sure I like sir.”

I chuckled. “Yes, lover?”

Zane grinned. “Better.”

I stood up and wrapped Zane in my arms pressing a kiss to his lips gently. I hummed softly and pulled back, “I could call you Rockstar. Though I’ve never actually heard more than riff.”

Zane rolled his eyes. “One day I’ll play for you.” He shoved me away. “I’m hungry.” He grinned and I took the hint and pulled my clothes on while Zane watched me. He stood there in the buff and I couldn’t help but feel a small pang of lust roll though my body. Zane laughed, “You are so fucking easy.”

I grinned at him. “Only for you lover.”

A shiver went over Zane and he smiled but said nothing as he turned to take the collection of clothing from the floor into his bedroom. I got to watch him walk away naked and revel in the way his body moved. I had to push myself towards the kitchen instead of follow Zane back.

I glanced at the time on my phone and was shocked it said 6am. We hadn’t even gone to bed yet. I had just pulled up a playlist when my phone rang. It could only be one of two people and one of them I didn’t exactly want to talk to right now. When I looked at the caller I sighed, it had to be Dad. Couldn’t have been Babbo checking on me, it had to be Dad.

I answered the phone quickly but had it on speaker. My hands were already covered in bacon fat as I separated the strips. “Happy New Year, Dad.” I said covering my aggravation at his checking up.

“You didn’t come home last night.”

“I told Babbo I wasn’t. He didn’t tell you.” I replied.

I don’t think I hid my aggravation well that time. “He did. But you aren’t here now which means you spent the night with him.”

“Yeah, Dad. I did. You don’t have anything to worry about.” I didn’t tell him why. I didn’t want my father to push harder than he already was.

“If his father finds out Angel. It could be the end of everything.”

I sighed. “His dad already knows, Dad. He’s known for much longer than I’ve known Zane.”


“Whatever Dad, I’m not going to stop seeing Zane.” I sighed. “Can you hold on a second, my hands are filthy and you are on speaker.”

“In his house?”

“Yeah, he lives alone. Don’t worry about it.”

“Angel, I don’t want you seeing that boy.”

“Sorry Dad. You don’t get a say in this.”

“You’d ruin everything for a peice of ass?”

“Zane isn’t a peice of ass. I like him. You don’t have any say in who I see. You’ve never cared before, so don’t start now.” I was getting angry and the poor bacon was taking a beating as I pulled at it roughly.

“Angel. You live under my roof, you will abide by my rules.”

“Fine then Dad, consider me moved out. I’ll go stay with Ant for a few days until I find a place.” I hung up the phone. And my entire body slumped as the high from before was replaced with anxiety and depression. What the fuck had I just done.

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