Grocery Shopping


It was 4am. I had a nap and now was a little drowsy from it but I had a half naked man who I was crushing hard on walking with me into an early open shop. It wasn’t one I typically used as I rarely went shopping at 4am. My kitchen was fully stocked. Comes with the fact that my dad and I both insisted upon it. We never ran low on anything with the two of us keeping stock we ran low on nothing. But Zane apartment was not filled with cooking supplies. I’d be surprised if he had any food in his fridge. The ultimate bachelor.

Zane wanted pancakes and icecream. I grinned at him. “What flavor icecream?” I asked. It mattered in what else I picked up.

“Vanilla is fine.” He said as he pulled a hand basket from the stack and carried it. I felt a little inadequate at this but I couldn’t help the grin.

“Are you sure? Cause everything I buy now is planned around that one element?” It was mostly a tease but I wanted him to enjoy the meal far more than I was used to. Cooking was my happy place, but cooking for Zane felt like something else entirely.

“Yeah.” Zane paused in the middle of the narrow aisle and looked at me. “I mean I could go for strawberry but on pancakes it’s usually best with straight up vanilla.”

I smiled and wrapped my arm around Zane’s waist, my fingers sliding up under his coat and feeling his taut hot skin underneath. Zane squirmed out of my grasp, “Fuck. Your fingers are cold.”

I grinned sheepishly. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t help it I really didn’t mean to make you cold.”

Zane smirked at me, “Uh huh.”

He started walking towards the freezer section and I grabbed his free wrist and pulled him to me with one hand. The other I wrapped under his other arm and around his waist. I bit my bottom lip as I pulled him close against me and leaned in pushing my cold hand up under his coat on purpose and laid it flat against the small of his back. “If I had wanted to do it on purpose I would have.” I groaned into his ear. I could easily step us into an easy waltz this way his hand in mine, the other wrapped around his waist. I hummmed against his neck and took a deep breath then stepped away.

I looked up and met Zane’s gaze he was smirking. “You done?”

I shook my head. “No. But we should get what we need and get back to your place.”

Zane nodded and wrapped his arm around my waist and shoved his hand under my t-shirt. The sudden cold made me yelp but it was a fair play. My voice was low and deep as I whispered, “Don’t do that again or we might not make it home.”

Zane laughed. “I do have another hand.”

The low guttural sound that came out of my throat wasn’t a moan. And it didn’t get a look from goth looking couple who just passed us in the freezer section carrying a box of wine….

“You are so easy.” Zane chuckled.

I croaked out, “You have no fucking idea.” I let out a low sigh, “If you told me to come right now I probably would.” I added as I set the icecream into Zane’s basket.

He was watching me with those baby blues and I shivered in anticipation. Fuck, he had me wound so tight. We walked down the baking aisle and grabbed flour and baking power, sugar and all the other dry ingredients we needed for pancakes. I didn’t bake but crepes and pancakes were something I could do despite their semi-baking concepts. I dropped a vanilla bean bottle in the basket and Zane took me by the arm and stood in front of me while I stood against the end cap of the freezers. “So do it.”

I blinked at him. “Do what?” I asked confused.

“Come for me, right now.” It wasn’t a command. It sounded nothing like anything anyone had ever said to me. Was a challenge and a joke and curiousity all rolled into those five little words. And my body had already responded to his voice and the words made me harder. But I wasn’t anywhere near close.

“Touch me.” I begged as I pressed my body against the freezer end cap and my body went slack as I closed my eyes to obey.

“Where?” Zane voice came quiet and breathless. I opened my eyes and saw lust darkening those icey blue eyes.

My breath caught and I barely squeezed out, “Anywhere.”

Zane put the basket down and pressed his other cold hand to the side of my neck. I gasped and felt that rise inside of me. I focused on what I wanted Zane to do to me, on things I wanted to do to him. On breakfast, showers, exploring my tattoos, watching Zane stop a fight and pulling his shirt off. Images of him in places we’d never gone. “Kiss me.” I breathed out and Zane obliged me with a tender press of his lips against mine. I parted my lips and his tongue slipped in, hot and wet and I groaned into his mouth as I let the forced orgasm explode inside of me. Zane pressed closer and his body against mine made he shudder and my knees weak. I slid a centimeter or two before Zane was pressing me against the end cap and holding me up till I caught myself. I gasped, “Fuck!”

“You’re telling me.” Zane’s eyes were still dark with lust. “We should get home.”

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