He’s Mine


I was sitting there minding my own business with only a few minor problems – usually resulting in a guy or a girl telling me I needed to tip Zane big for paying so much attention to me. I was going to go broke tipping Zane everytime someone thought he was being nice to me for no reason.

I didn’t care but he wasn’t putting the money in the tip jar, he was pocketing it. I had little desire to leave the bar stood Zane placed me on. I had little desire to drink. I could people watch but more importantly I could watch Zane. And I didn’t care if he saw me watching him like any other time before. I made a point of smiling when he caught me. I liked looking at him. Watching him flirt with the girl down at the end of the bar. She was the touchy kinda flirt, her hand touching his when he handed her the drink. The guy with her frowned each time she touched his hand.

His smile was genuine from what I could tell. He enjoyed people. It wasn’t flirting, he was working and I couldn’t fault him for that. Especially when he’d come down and touch my hand as he walked by and smile and wink if I was looking in his direction.

The crowd lulled and Zane was draw aside by his partner. And that was when the blonde from earlier approached me. She squeezed into the empty spot between my barstool and the one next to me where a big rough looking guy sat. He gave her a grunt and moved a smidge to allow her more room. She waved over the bartender and leaned into my space and whispered. “You know he likes girls too right?”

I looked at her and gave her a once over before answering. “I assume most guys like women.”

She drew her finger down my hand and fingered my nail, “You don’t.”

“I don’t what?” I asked her.

The bartender, I think his name was Zack took her order, “Menage a Trois” she said into my ear loud enough for the bartender to hear but clearly for my benefit. “You don’t like women.”

I laughed. “I like women just fine.”

She pressed her body against my side as she reached for a napkin on the otherside of me. I added, “I like Zane better though.”

“He has a fine body.” She whispered.

“I’m aware of his qualities. I’m pretty sure you’ve not seen his assets in a while.” I said as I stood up.

I dropped enough money on the bar to cover my drinks and hers and pressed her shoulder so she sat down on the vacated stool then leaned in and whisperd. “Enjoy our menage a trois alone, cause you are out of luck if you think I’m letting you fuck him over again. He’s mine and I’m not going to share him with a bitch who broke his heart.”

I stood up and headed for the door. I’d wait for Zane someplace else, maybe his office. But I didn’t go far before Zane found me and pulled me down yet another darkened hallway. This one led to the bathrooms and I laughed at the presumption running through my head that we were going anywhere to have sex. It was the only reason I ever went down this hall.

Zane took my hand and unlocked a room at the end of the hall. It was a store room. He flipped on the light and shut the door behind us. He was smirking. And he glanced around the room and laughed. “I take it the stock room is normal thing for you?”

I grinned. “It’s usually where the guys I pick up like to take me yeah.”

Zane frowned but nodded, “Sorry to disappoint you.”

I smiled at him, “I’m not disappointed. It’s quiet in here and I have you all to myself. So it’s all good.”

“What did Very want?” Zane asked.

“The blonde?” I asked.

He nodded.

“She didn’t say. She was being flirty and telling me all about how good you were. I suspected she wanted to go back to your place with us.”

His frown deepened. “What did you tell her that made her so mad?”

I chuckled. “I told her I hope she enjoyed her menage a trois alone cause she wasn’t getting near you. I might have called her a bitch too.”

He smiled and took my hand and pulled me close. “Do you want to dance?”

“Here?” I asked.

He nodded his head. “I got a few minutes, if you want to dance with me.”

I wrapped my arms around his neck and pressed a kiss to his lips. “I’d rather do other things, but dancing will work.”

And of course the walkie squawked again. “Zane it’s almost midnight we need you to do your thing.”

I sighed and pressed a kiss to his cheek. “Do they know when we are kissing?”

Zane chuckled. “It seems that way. After this we can go though, they don’t need me to close up.”

“We can stay as long as you want.” I smiled at him and followed him out the storage room. A first for me not leaving covered in sweat and smelling like sex.

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