My Ex Girlfriend


I dropped my feelings straight on the table. He didn’t say he felt the same thing back, but then it hadn’t been that kind of statement. But he hadn’t left me wanting with lack of how he felt. He told me what he wanted. And he wanted me. There was an attraction, but there was more than that. We were interrupted by work but Angel had agreed to come home with me.

After I had delivered him his beer I made the rounds down the bar getting drinks for the other customers. I didn’t have much of a moment to myself but I watched him when I had a chance. At first he was busy on his phone texting his dad I guessed. It made me wonder which one he was telling he wasn’t coming home. I didn’t suspect it was Mr. Vega. He didn’t seem the understanding type. He was worried about his image. But he didn’t have anything to worry about from us. Nothing had changed except Angel and I. We changed things.

But as the night wore on Angel sat at the bar with his back to it looking out on to the dance floor, or into the crowd. I caught him watching me a few times. He’d grin at me and I’d drop another beer at his spot, but after the second one that he hadn’t touched I stopped wasting beer on him. I wasn’t upset. I took his untouched one and drank it it. He grinned at me when he saw me do it. Instead of presenting him with a new drink I brushed his hand on the bar. The gesture got a few stares and a few guys leaned into whisper something in his ear which Angel only smiled at. But each time someone said something he dropped a ten on the bar and I picked it up and tucked it in my pocket. I’d give it back at the end of the night. He didn’t need to tip me.

When there was finally a lull Drew pulled me aside with a deep sigh. “Thank fucking god you are here. We are swampped. And the line outside isn’t getting any shorter.”

“Why should it? We have three great bands playing tonight, damn fine drinks and it’s cold outside.”

Drew laughed and nodded towards Angel with his permanent spot at the end of the bar. “He hasn’t moved. He’s usually on the dancefloor all night.”

I nodded. “He’s here to see me.”

“He knew you were working right?” Drew asked.

“I told him I was. Does he look unhappy?” I really did want to know what Drew thought.

He shook his head. “No. Just unusual for him to sit at the bar so long. Go pay him some attention. I got the bar for a little while. You need a break anyway. Everyone’s taken one but you.”

I didn’t have to be told twice to take a break. But I didn’t rush to see Angel. I stood off to the side and watched him. Watched the way he looked at everything, the way the women looked at him. He wasn’t wearing his usual garb, but his clothes still screamed look at me. He got a few looks from other men walking past too. He was casually drapped against the bar, his long legs tucked underneath him so he didn’t trip anyone. He looked like any other regular who was scoping for girls, except he hadn’t moved from the spot.

I walked slowly towards him but I saw a familiar figure step into his space and I panicked. What the fuck was Very doing talking to him. Instead of going to see him I walked past them and to the security booth. I needed quiet. I needed time to think. What was my ex-girlfriend doing talking to my kinda-boyfriend. Fuck!

I sat down and flipped to the best camera angle in the security office. Finn hadn’t said anything as I walked past him into his office and sat down at the computer. He stood in the doorway until I had settled in and then walked behind me to see what had me in riled up.

I looked up at him and saw that his eyes had gone wide. He pulled a chair and chuckled. “Wish there was sound, and maybe some popcorn.”

Having sound would have been nice, instead we watched as Very leaned into Angel and very blatantly flirted with him. Her body pressed against his, her finger down his arm. He didn’t look like he was turned on by her advances, but the grin never left his lips and he looked amused. Until he stood up and pressed her into his seat. I couldn’t see his face but whatever he’d said to her had pissed her off. I saw the fury on her face as he walked away and I couldn’t help the wide grin on my face.

Finn laughed. “Damn that was hot. Who is she?”

“My ex-girlfriend.” I said as I stood up and headed for the door.

“That explains alot, does he know that?” Finn asked.

“Yeah, he does.”

Finn laughed. “I want to know what he said that made her so mad.”

“If I find out I’ll tell you. Tell Drew I’ll be back at the bar soon as I figure out what just happened.”

I heard Finn telling Drew what I’d said as I left the security office to find my pretty boy. And I had a feeling he was mine now more than ever.

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