Back Office


Make up sex right about then would have been high on my list. But Zane pulled away breathless but that light in his eyes was there. I was still angry, but not at him. I was angry that we let it get that far. Where words hurt more than actions and where things were said that shouldn’t have been.

I hated that he thought of me like that – like what everyone else did. Just a guy who wants sex. He had admitted it to me right before saying he was falling in love with me. I knew he didn’t want to talk about it. Yet, he had said it. And I had to admit the same was true for me. And it scared the shit out of me. Had I been self-sabotaging by telling him about Ant? I hadn’t thought so at the time. I wanted to be honest to tell him before it became an issue.

I gave Zane a sideways smile and leaned against the wall behind me. “Can I be honest without starting another fight?”

Zane sighed and took a step closer and pressed his body against mine. “Go head. But I’m going to stay right here, reminding myself what I do to you.”

I closed my eyes and cucked my head I could feel the slight heat to the back of my neck. Zane laughed against my neck and kissed it, dragging his teeth to my ear. “You are so easy.”

I laughed taking it how he meant it instead of as a jab against what he’d said earlier. “I can’t think straight with you around.”

“Same here.” He said pulling back a little so he could look at me without either of us looking cross eyes. “But that’s not what you wanted to say is it?”

I shook my head and licked my lips. “It wasn’t. I don’t want a guy like Ant. I want the kinda guy who would kick the ass of anyone who was fucking me just because I was pretty. I want the kinda guy who makes sure I don’t walk the walk of shame. I want the kinda guy who walks me home even though I’m capable of taking care of myself. I want the kinda guy who shoves a hat on my wet head so I don’t get sick. I want the kinda a guy who wants me back.”

Zane was smirking at me by the time I’d finished spouting my wants. “Do you want me to kick his ass?”

I grinned and shook my head. “No, but I want you to want to. Ant stopped and he won’t press again. If he does you can kick his ass, I won’t stop you.”

“I’m not a Dom Angel.”

“I didn’t ask you to be. What did I say that ever gave you that impression of what I wanted from you?”

Zane sighed. “I not into bondage or submission.”

“I didn’t ask you to be. I want you to be you. I like you. I like you are a traditional type guy in a non-traditional way. I’m not afraid to let that go. I’m not going to fight you if you want to pay when we go out. If you want to hold the door for me, or walk me home. I’m not doing it because I’m submissive. I do it because it makes you happy.” I grabbed Zane’s shirt and pressed his against the door next to us and smiled at him. “I like being in charge too.” I pressed my lips to his neck and kissed. I bit softly up his neck to his ear and groaned quietly into it. “I may ask for permission, but I like being in charge. Bending you to my will. Taking what I want.” My voice was heavy and my body ached as I pressed him up against the door. “We don’t have to define anything.”

“Zane…” The walkie-talkie squawked in Zane’s pocket. “I need you at the bar.”

I stepped back and sighed but gave Zane a smile. “Work calls.”

Zane groaned and he adjusted himself while I watched. He picked up the offending peice of equipment and pressed the button. “I’ll be right down.” He smiled and offered me his hand. “You’ll come home with me?”

I nodded. “Yeah. I just need to tell my dad.”

Zane sighed. “Fuck. I slipped and told my dad who you were.” I groaned as Zane opened the door. “Wanna hear something funny?”

I shrugged wondering what my father would do when he found out. “My dad already knew. He was surprised you were Daniel’s son. But he knew he had one and that he was into men despite his affiation with Ms. Angelina. He said Mr. Hudson knew too. The clients not so much, but they’d keep his secret as long as he wanted to keep it was my impression.”

“I don’t think my father will think that’s funny. But it’s good to know. I’m sorry I put that on you.”

Zane shrugged. “We all have our parental things. Mine want me to get married and have babies. They were trying to set me up with the girl from the gala.”

I laughed. “There are ways to have grandbabies without us being with women. I’m adopted as it is.”

Zane smiled and tugged me down the stairs and through the coat room holding my hand all the way to the bar where he pressed me into a stool and smiled. “Irish Red?”

I nodded and watched as Zane walked around the bar and started working the crowd.

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