New Year’s Eve


The past week had been normal except for one thing, I hadn’t seen Zane at all. Not at the gym and not on the street. I’d been working at the restaurant as much as possible and at the gym when I wasn’t there. I wasn’t trying to see him, but I felt the distinct lack of not seeing him.

I shouldn’t have walked out like that. I would rather have had him wanting to beat the shit out of Ant rather than his assumption I wanted him to be my Top or worse yet my Dom. I wasn’t looking for someone to share scenes with. If I wanted that I’d just go someplace that catered to it. Or find some guy that was ready to treat me like shit.

I had prided myself on not seeking it now when I felt like crap. I hadn’t called Ant to take him up on his offer. Instead I worked from sun up to well past sun down and hoped that sleep would be dreamless. But it never was.

I had the fucking day off and nothing to do. I thought about calling Zane so many times. It was New Year’s eve and he was going to be at Zion. He hadn’t texted me not to come. He hadn’t told me anything. We’d not spoken. I had typed out a text several times but never hit send. I didn’t know what to say. But I wanted to see him again. I needed to even if it was just to say good-bye.

I could have dressed in club gear ready to hook up. But I wasn’t going to hook up at least not with a stranger. I wore a pair of tight black jeans and a white t-shirt under a crimson red button down. It matched my hair and nails – red for christmas cheer. My nana had enjoyed the color coordination on Christmas. Dad had her flown all the way in from Italy. Her and Papa only spoke Spanish so the whole house was nothing but Spanish. They were still here when I slipped off into my room to change.

Dad was sitting in his arm chair with Babbo curled up between his legs while they talked with nana and papa. I stepped into the door way and spoke quickly in Spanish. “I’m going to Zion. I don’t know when I’ll be back.”

My Dad looked up at me and frowned as he spoke in English. “Stay here with us. Enjoy the night with the family. Nana and Papa will be going home in a few days. He’ll be there after the holidays.”

I sighed. “Dad, don’t worry about Zane. It’s over anyway. I’m not his type.” I saw my father smile then frown. He was happy it was over, but he saw how I looked. “Angel, stay, don’t torture yourself.”

I shook my head. “Dad I have to go. I was supposed to spend the day with him. I took the day off I need to do this.”

Babbo stood up and wrapped his arms around me and gave me a hug. He whispered in my ear, “Carino, he’s missing out. Don’t fret over him.” He pulled away and pressed a kiss to my forehead. “Don’t stay out too late.”

I watched as my dad went into the kitchen and started a kettle of water and asked in Spanish, “Tea?”

I left through the front door and headed for the street and ulitmately to Zion. Even though it was freezing outside the line to the club stretched around the corner as it usually did. It was not even opening time yet, and the line was already that long. I could have dropped Zane’s name, or persuaded the bouncer to let me in early. But I went to the end of the line and waited like the rest of the club goers. It’d give me time to think.

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