That Talk


It wasn’t every day that my father was home. But the courts closed for Christmas and Christmas eve so after breakfast he had been lounging on the couch with his paper in his silk robe and warm slippers. Lounging for my father wasn’t relaxed looking. He always was prim and proper. His back was straight his hair was perfect despite the bedroom clothes. Always afraid the neighbors might stop by.

Both my father’s prided themselves on their appearance. Nails were perfect and painted with a clear matte coat to keep them looking finished. I was going to head into the restaurant early but my father called out to me as I passed by the livingroom door. “Angel.”

I didn’t say what despite my desire to just leave and not have this conversation. Instead I turned around and walked into the living room and sat down. My father smirked as he set down the paper and folded it neatly . “There was a time you’d have given me attitude.”

I smiled. “There was a time when I didn’t care about being grounded.”

“You weren’t as lucky as your dad and I. You can’t sneak out your bedroom window.”

I laughed. “I could maybe, if I could fly.”

Dad laughed in return. “You do know why you can’t see the Kennedy boy don’t you?”

I shook my head. “No Dad, I don’t. So what if the practice finds out you like men. I’m pretty sure it’s not that big of a secret.” I smirked. “You don’t exactly say ‘I’m straight’ when I look at you.”

“But you know.” My dad said.

I nodded. “I do. And your tailored clothes say otherwise. Your nails, your perfect hair. The fact Babbo is with you 80% of the time even with Angelina on your arm. It’s all stereotypes. I get that Dad, but you aren’t the quintesential straight man.”

“And what should I do differently son?”

“Nothing Dad. And I’m hardly the person to ask. It’s pretty obvious I like men.”

“You make it so, son.” He frowned. “Why can’t you settle down with a nice girl and give us grandbabies?”

“I’ll give you grandbabies, does it matter that they are of my blood? I’m not of your blood.”

He sighed and tapped his chin. “You are right. But why this man? There are a thousand other men in the city who would be interested in you.”

“And a thousand men who aren’t Zane, Dad. What would you do if your parents said you couldn’t be with Babbo? I know what you’d do. You’d do what you already did. You’d stay here in America away from your family – only seeing them on holiday’s like tonight. You’d live with him, you’d love him despite what your family said. Dad, he may not be the one, but I want to find out for sure.”

My father sighed. “Angel. Please. There are other men out there.”

I stood up. “Dad. I’m not going to stop seeing him. ” I took a few steps towards the door. “I’m going to open Fiore. I’ll be back after closing.”

“You are going to miss dinner?”

I sighed. “Would you rather Babbo be here or me?”

He sighed and nodded. “Tomorrow you are here, all day to see Mama. She misses you.”

“Yes, father.” I said before leaving.

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