Not Now


I hung up the phone with Zane. There really was no point in stalling anymore here. There was nothing left to clean. I flipped the lights off in the kitchen and left through the back alley door tossing the last bits of garbage into the dumpster before heading towards the street.

A figure moved in the shadows and called out. “Took you long enough.”

I grinned at my friend. He was still in the shadows like it was some big mystery but there was no mistaking his voice. “I had time to kill.”

“Oh?” He asked. “I could have helped you with that? Where you heading?”

“I was gonna stop at a coffee shop and grab something before heading home.” I said as I drew up to him and stopped.

I could see his breath in white clouds of air as he spoke. “We can go back to my place.” He took a step closer to me and pressed his body against mine. “Cora dumped me – again.”

Ant was a few inches shorter than I was and I looked down into his dark brown eyes and smiled. “Not tonight, Ant.”

It was a quick blur of motion and I found myself pinned against the wall next to us, my hands above my head. My breath caught, and I gasped from the man handling, the cold rough wall against my back, my coat had ridden up and now was pressed against the cold wall. I could feel my pants getting tighter and my chest was heaving with desire. Ant whispered in my ear, “Resa.”

I went slack against Ant’s hands holding mine and let his kiss and bite at my neck. I could have let him do this. But I still had Zane on my mind. I could barely breathe, Ant knew what I liked. How I liked it. I croaked out, “Red.”

Stunned Ant held me against the wall but had stopped everything else. When I could stand on my own he let me go completely. I could only make out the frown on his face in the shadows. “You’ve never told me no like that before I didn’t even do anything.”

I whispered. “I said not now, Ant.” My heart was still pounding and I stayed where I was except my arms I shook out from their prior loss of blood flow. “I can’t right now.”

“Why the fuck not?” He asked. I could hear the aggravation in his voice. He stood staring at me like I had just killed his mother.

“I met someone.”

Ant laughed. “No really.” He took a second look at me and then took a step towards me again. I moved to the side and he caught my wrist and pulled me back putting his cold hand on my chin and craning my neck to the side. “Really.” He said dumbfounded. “A biter?”

I smiled. “Maybe.”

Ant sighed and stepped away from me. “Fuck, Angel. You serious? You’ve never said no.”

“I like him, what can I say.” I started back for the street. “I’m getting something to come down, you want to come with?”

Ant shook his body and nodded. “Yeah, alright. Icecream or pie?”

“I think chocolate will have to be tonight’s remedy.”

Ant laughed. “Icecream it is.”

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