Alone Time


The night was still early. Drew had poured me a second double after I’d greeted everyone who came in to join us. I knew every face. I didn’t remember their all names but Drew, Finn and I had interviewed everyone here who worked for us. Most of them had been working with us for years. We had one or two new servers. They came and went with the seasons. The bartenders and security not so much.

The music was on a low hum and got louder the closer you got to the dance floor. But with fewer people here we didn’t have to blast the music. We could all talk at a reasonable level and be heard. Drew and Mandy had taken to the dancefloor first and others followed. Finn danced with a few of the newer faces. I was dragged out by Mandy at one point. She left and I stayed to dance with Mike who was a few sheets to the wind. He was one of those ‘I really only like men when I’m drunk’ types. Exactly the type of guy who’d go after Angel.

I had been doing great until that moment. My mind was well on the people here, until Mike had pulled me close to dance. I had stayed until I felt my phone vibrate in my back pocket. I couldn’t hear it over the noise. I leaned in to whisper to the big black man, “I got a call.”

Mike nodded and blew me a kiss when I walked away. By the time I got off the dance floor the phone had stopped ringing. I stopped by the bar. “Beer, Zack?”

Zack handed me a draft beer and I walked towards the back hall where the bathrooms where to check my voice mail – assuming someone left a message. The drone of the party died down the farther I went down the hallway.

When I could hear myself think I looked at the messages but there were none. Just a missed call. I almost let it alone until I saw who had called last – “Pretty Boy”. Those two words stared me in the face and I was pressed against a rock and a hard place. He had said he’d call me. I told him anytime would be alright. I had forgotten at the time about the party. Fuck!

I paced back and forth. Mandy’s advice still sitting in there making noise at me.

I sighed and hit call button and soon his phone was ringing on the otherside. It rang once… then twice and I was starting to panic. Had I messed this up. The third time it rang, I was about to hang up when I heard his voice pick up, “Hey. I just tried to call you.”

His idea of just must be off, or he was busy. What was he doing? It had been a good twenty minutes since my phone rang. “Yeah, I didn’t hear my phone. Sorry.”

“It’s okay, I’m just closing up. I have an hour to kill so I’m taking my time.”

“Why are you killing time?” I asked curious as to what reason he’d need an hour to close. Or why he’d choose to kill time cleaning.

“My dad wants alone time with my father. I’d prefer to give it to them, then walk in and hear things I don’t want to hear.” He sounded amused.

“What your parents having sex skeeves you out?” I poked.

“You tell me what you think when you think about your parents having sex. I mean at least you know they’ve had sex at least once – they conceived you.”

I groaned. “Alright. Yeah. I don’t want to think about that. But I’ll admit your parents are at least hot.”

Angel laughed. “I would disagree on principle alone. I don’t want to go there. Can we not talk about my fathers fucking please.”

“We could talk about us fucking.”

Angel must have moved the phone to his chest and groaned, because it was muffled. When he came back his voice was heavy with desire. “What did you have in mind?”

Shit he called my bluff. He chuckled in the other end of the phone. “I talked to my dad and he said I could take New Years eve and day off without a problem.” He changed the subject and still I was harder than before because he could spend those two days with me. “What did you want to do?” He asked almost as if he were reading my mind.

“New Years Eve I’ll be at Zion for the whole night. I want you to be here with me. We can hang out New Years eve afternoon and then the next morning you can make me breakfast. I want pancakes and icecream.”

Finn poked his head around the corner, “Hey Zane, whatcha doing? Come on, we are having a toast.”

I sighed. “I have to go. I’ll call you later.”

“Alright. Night Zane.”

“Night Angel.” I hung up and Finn gave me that look. “What?” I asked.

He shook his head. “Nothing. You should invite him here.”

“Nah. It’s already late. He just got off work.” I said, but it was more an excuse. I’d already gone way past my quota of the dating concept and needed to forget a little more of that for now. “Besides, he’d show you up on the dancefloor Finn.” I wrapped my arm around my friend’s shoulders and we headed back to the party.

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