Fatherly Chats


Work had gone well. Spent most of the time in the kitchen helping Babbo with the cooking. It wasn’t my shift, but the day before Christmas Eve was hoping. All those last minute shoppers, and the last minute parties that left you starving afterwards. Tomorrow would be busy too. We closed on Christmas day.

Babbo was washing down his work station when I asked. “You think I can take off New Years Eve and Day? No work at all?”

He looked at me with his big brown eyes full of questions he wasn’t sure to ask. I grinned at my father who knew me better than anyone. “There’s this guy…”

Babbo laughed. “Since it’s the first guy in a long while, yeah. Carino it’s fine. But don’t tell your father who you are spending the time with. He wasn’t happy at all this morning.”

“I didn’t think he was that Kennedy. It’s a bit too late for that now.”

“You are right, it’s too late, but impress upon him how important it is to your father you keep his secret.”

“I did that already, Babbo. I’m not going to make an issue of it. Dad will have to live.” I sighed. “Why do I have to pay for his secret.”

“It’s one guy in all of New York City, Angel. The only guy in all of New York City who is connected to the Kennedys or the Hudsons. The one guy who is tied to your father’s image.”

I ran my fingers through my hair leaving it damp from my wet hands. “And he’s the only guy I’ve been interested in.”

“What about Anthony?”

I groaned. “Ant only likes me when he wants a play thing. When his girl won’t give it up or when he needs to assert his manhood on someone without a fight.” I sighed and whispered, “He doesn’t want all the fluff.”

My dad grinned at my words before he asked. “How much time did you spend with Anthony’s bed in Europe?”

“About three nights the whole year and half we were gone. He was hooking up with all the hot women he could and so was I.”

“Why not find a young woman to settle down with?”

I sighed. “I don’t want to be the man all the time. Girls want you to take care of them. Be their strength. I need that.”

“Not all women are that way.” My father shook his head. “Son, girls can take care of you.”

“Babbo, I’ve never liked girls romantically, you know this. It’s easier to get laid with the opposite sex. It’s more natural. And they kinda are missing my favorite part of the human body.”

My father blushed. You could hardly see it, but it was there if you know where to look. “Zane, walked me home, Babbo. He made me wear his hat after I complained about my wet hair. I enjoyed being the center of his attention. I can’t say that with anyone else, including Ant.” I sighed as I finished drying the stainless steal counter top he had been using.

Babbo came over and pressed a kiss to my forehead. “Lock up? I’d like a few minutes alone with your father.”

I rolled my eyes. “You always want a few minutes alone. I can move out, you know. I’d rather be able to afford it with out the trust but I can if its better.”

He patted my shoulder and squeezed it reassuring me. “Give us an hour.”

I nodded. I now had an hour to kill plus travel time. Babbo would make it home quicker than I did if traffic wasn’t bad as he never took the subway – taxi’s were his go-to transportation.

Fiore was empty except for me. I remembered my promise, it wasn’t too late. Sunday nights we closed at 10pm, it was about 10:30 now. If it were Thursday, Friday or Saturday I could be closing around 2 or 3 am. Those were bad nights when I had school the next morning. Which I didn’t have now thank god.

I called Zane while I turned off the lights and locked the front door, I let it ring until I got his voice mail and I hung up immediately. I had no idea what to say on his voice mail.

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