A Good Morning


I hadn’t expected any of this, it was all so surreal. Breakfast then home. But instead I found myself naked in the shower wanting to give him everything. I knew what I liked. I thought I knew what I wanted. But now in the fog of desire there was only one thing that mattered and that was the man with me. I wanted to please him. I wanted him. And in this moment he wanted me and that was all I cared about.

I had begged to be inside him. And he gave me that permission. Said I didn’t need to ask, but I did. I couldn’t … I wouldn’t. But my name out of his mouth and clear instruction even though he was just repeating what I’d said made my body tighten. Zane turned around and I pressed my body against his, curling around his back and wrapping my arms around his waist. I sucked on his shoulder and neck as I lifted his leg to the edge of the tub. My finger traced along his inner thigh.

My biggest concern was hurting him. I wanted him, my cock pulsed against his ass and I wanted nothing more than to be inside him. Zane whispered, “Counter.”

It took me a little while to process what Zane was saying with the single word through the fog of desire. I wanted his body. Wanted to be inside him. Needed him to come for me and in order to do that safely I knew what he said and why. I whispered against his neck, “Don’t move.” I bit his neck and he moaned. I kissed the spot and ran my tongue along it before whispering again. “please.”

I didn’t have to reach far but I had to leave my lover unattended while I got the required items. At least someone was thinking ahead. I’d been lost in a fog and disappointed he’d stopped touching me to really understand that he wasn’t finished with me. I slide the condom on and added lube but I had too much. On purpose. I returned to pressing my body against Zane’s back. My cock pressed between our bodies while my fingers played with Zane’s balls. He’d told me not now, to wait but I didn’t want to hurt him. I knew nothing of his past. I hadn’t been with a guy in a while, but that meant little for me. I didn’t know Zane’s habits. Things I desparately wanted to know.

I slide a finger inside and almost lost my control when Zane gasped at the intrusion. The pain and pleasure of the first push was always shocking. It was exhilierating and my cock throbed to feel him gripping me tight. I wrapped my other arm around Zane middle and pulled him against me. Zane pressed into my fingers when I thrust into him. “Fuck, Angel, just fuck me already.”

His body was pressed to mine and I sucked on his neck while pressing my cock to his hole. I pushed inside of him. “Fuck, Zane.” My voice sounded distant. I pressed harder inside and groaned against his neck. “Ah…”

I stayed like that. I could stay there just like this, his body curled under me, my cock buried deep inside Zane. I wouldn’t last long. All the teasing from before and he was so hot and so tight. I started slow and the it picked up speed. Zane meeting me for every thrust. I held him tight against me with on arm, the other was steading pumping his cock. Storking it to the same rhytym I fucked him.

My body filled to the brim with pleasure it had to go. I moaned into Zane’s ear, “I’m going to come.” And I didn’t wait for an acknowledgement I couldn’t help myself I lost the fine control I had over my own orgasm and it spilled over me and into Zane. I thrust deeper and harder inside of him riding my pleasure trying to bring Zane on the weaves of mine. He spilled over my hand and I ckissed his neck as we came down.

It was a good thing we were in the shower.

The water was growing chilly by the time we had come down enough to function. To finish washing and cleaning up. It wasn’t as sexy or hot as before, but I knew I couldn’t get the smile off my face when I looked at him.

It was a good morning and it sucked it had to come to an end. We had dressed in the bathroom together. It was erotic in its own way watching Zane slide his clothes over his body. If I didn’t have to be anywhere it would definitely be one of those days we didn’t go anywhere except back to bed.

Zane opened the medicine cabinent above his sink, “Use whatever you need.” I looked at the various different shelves and saw the makeup he was hiding inside. I chuckled. “What? I own a club that sells sexy men, you think I don’t know how to add to this.” He waved his hands over his body.

“As if there is any need, but no. I’ve seen you with thick eyeliner before. More laughing at the fact you offering because you think I need it.”

“Don’t you?” He pressed my back against the sink and trapped me there. “You removed the dye in your hair, the nails only have a clear coat, but the eyeliner, may have been subtle but it was there.” Zane ran his thumbs under my eyes.

I bit my bottom lip. He noticed all the little details. He leaned forward and took my lip in his mouth and bit eliciting a moan from me, “Don’t do that.” He whispered when he let go.

I couldn’t help myself, I bit my lip again it wasn’t on purpose. It just happened and Zane groaned and pressed a kiss to my lips. “Hurry up. You have to go to work. And I don’t think Chef Marco will tolerate sweats and a t-shirt. I’ll walk you home.”

Zane left me alone in his bathroom and I took the eyeliner pencil and applied a thin line. It was descrete and fine like it had been last night, the only difference being I was in a hurry and wanted to rejoin Zane. But my hair was wet – fuck! I hate this weather.

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