Good Boy


In the past 10 hours I had learned a lot about the identity of the man lying helpless below me. There were things that I knew he hadn’t said. Just like I hadn’t said things when he asked. I had lied when I said my tattoos didn’t have stories. But I didn’t want to think about it, not with my pretty boy underneath my fingers. He was ticklish and it was turning him on laying still for me. I could see the pulse in his neck racing. His eyes were screwed shut, but the look on his face said he was enjoying every touch. I could do anything to him and he’d let me. I wondered where his limits were. That was a talk we’d have to have, but not now. He was being so good. His breathing was quick and his body was straining. I leaned into his ear and spoke softly, “You can come. But if you do we’ll be done.”

He turned his head and opened his eyes. The look made my breath catch. Angel was accepting my challenge. He bit his bottom lip and grinned around it. “Fuck!” He was undoing me and he wasn’t just lying there. “What would like me to do?” I asked. I knew what the answer would be.

“Whatever you want.” He said exactly what I knew he would. And I smiled down at him.

“And if I wanted to leave you like this all day?” Angel groaned and his cock jumped under my fingers. “You like that idea. Being naked on my bed, in this state of pleasure and pain?”

“Yes.” His voice was pained and breathless.

“Do you have to work today?”

“I have to work everyday” he said.

“Do you get any days off?” I asked.

“I can ask for time off. I can usually get it unless it’s a busy day.” His voice was so fucking hot right now, stained with pleasure.

“What are you doing for New Years Eve?”

He looked at me with a smile. “Whatever you want.”

“Can you get it off?”

He nodded. “I think so.”

“New Years eve and New Years day?”

“I will try.”

I slid off the bed with a grin. He whimpered but didn’t take his eyes from me. He had a beautiful body. Laying stretched out like that for me. I admired his body, there was that shy look on his face again as my eyes followed along the lines his body made. But he had work, and as much as I wanted to keep him here all day I couldn’t. And I was sure my parents would come by anytime today to see how things went with Jennifer.

I held my hands out in front of me. “Hands.”

Angel moved his arms and shook them as he placed his hands in mine and I pulled him to a sitting position with his legs hanging off the bed. “Let’s get you cleaned up.” The small pathetic noise from his mouth was his only protest. Standing in front of me his eyes were still full of desire. And I wondered what my face told him. I hoped I wasn’t transparent, last thing I wanted was him knowing just the affect he had on me. Despite the desire written all over his face Angel was sad. I dropped one of his hands and started walking backwards. I ran my thumb over his bottom lip. “Start the shower I’ll be right behind you.”

There was a slight hesitation in his step but Angel opened the bedroom door and stepped into the private hall towards the bathroom. I grabbed a clean t-shirt and a pair of sweats for Angel. They should fit him, he was smaller than I was. He’d have to go comando but the thought of him leaving my apartment with only my clothes touching his skin made me smile.

I grabbed the lube and a few condoms just in case. After gathering my things from the floor I walked into the bathroom and found him testing the water. I pushed my boxers and sweats to the floor and ran my fingers down his spine and he stood up straight and looked back at me. “Clean clothes.” I pointed to the pile on counter. “For you.”

He grinned at me. “Thanks.”

I stepped into the hot stream of water and he followed me in. I could feel his eyes on me as the water flowed down my body. Opening my eyes I saw a renewed lust in his eyes. What was it about running water? I stepped to the side and Angel stepped next to me and pressed me against the cold tile and kissed my neck and sucked on my ear lobe before he whispered, “You are fucking goregous.”

I put my hands on his shoulders and backed him up into the water with a smirk. “I know. My turn.” He stepped into the water and let the hot water rain down on his skin. Angel closed his eyes and was running his fingers through his hair. Brown rivlets ran down his body from the dye. “Do you have to color your hair everyday?”

He continued to rinse the dye from his hair, his held tilted back. The expansive of his neck was tempting me. I saw the large bruise just above his tattoo and several smaller ones like a wicked game of connected the dots. “No. I used a different type that I can wash out in one sitting if I’m dilligent about it.”

I chuckled, “I take it you have to do this often?”

“No, but Dad likes to spring formal events on us on occassion.”

“He doesn’t like your color?”

He shrugged. “He has his image.”

I grabbed the shampoo. “On your knees.” His head snapped forward to look at me before sinking down to his knees. “Suck my cock pretty boy. Don’t make me come.” He smirked at the last comment as he edged forward to get a better spot between my legs.

It was a challenge to stay standing with his talented mouth as I squeezed shampoo into my hands and applied it to his head. He hummed around my cock and I couldn’t help the moan that I let out. His fingers rolled my balls around in his hands and he squeezed and tested my acceptance of anal play. His finger slide around the rim and back towards my balls. “Fuck.” I groaned out as I thrust into his month at the return of his finger. I could hardly breath, my fingers were gripping tight in his hair, all thought of washing his hair gone. “Not now, pretty boy, please not now.”

His fingers traced down my legs. His thumb played along the tattoo on my hip. I pulled his hair and he hesitated but relented. His head fell backwards into the water falling and I watched the rest of the dye wash away leaving behind blond strands. I thought that was better than the brown. “Stand pretty boy.”

His legs were wobbly as he stood and I pressed him against the cold tile and he whimpered but didn’t move as I kissed him long and deep. His fingers gliding along my back. He pressed his hands into my chest and pushed me back and turned me away from him and took my head in his hands and started washing my hair like I had his. I gurlgled at the touch. “Fuck.” I wilted under his fingers and not in a bad way. I went to a salon just for this type of action.

We could have stood there for an hour if the water would get cold doing that, but he turned me around so I could rinse out the suds. His fingers through my hair even rinsing was making me melt. And it wasn’t helping my hardon.

Angel’s fingers ran down my head and drapped over my neck. “You liked that?”

I shook my head with a smirk. “No. I hated it.”

Angel twined his fingers in my hair and grabbed the back of my head. He closed the distance and his lips brushed mine. His tongue flicked my bottom lip and I parted mine and the kiss went deeper. He moaned and I drank it down. He pulled me against him and leaned against the cold wall. “Zane, I want to fuck you.” He pressed more kisses to my neck but didn’t let go of my neck. “Please.”

“You don’t need to ask.”

He bit my neck and I groaned, “Angel fuck me.”

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