Treasure Map


I could still feal the press of his lips against mine as I let the water drain out of his sink. I sighed. “I really should get home. My parents will be freaking out I’m not there for breakfast.” I grinned, “or rather that I didn’t make breakfast and Dad had to.”

“Sunday traditions?”

I shook my head. “No. I get up before they do and usually have breakfast warming for a good twenty before they are up.”

“You are an early bird I think that’s going to be a problem.”

“Why? You think we’ll be doing this again?” I bit my bottom lip. I leaned against the sink like Zane was and looked at the ground.

Zane pinned me against the sink with his body, one hand on my hip. He ran his thumb over my bottom lip and I picked my eyes to meet his baby blues and he smirked. “Fuck yes.”

I swallowed hard and nodded. “Okay.”

“You’re going to agree just like that?” He chuckled.

I grabbed his hips and pulled him against me. “Fuck yes” I said then pressed a kiss to his lips. Zane bit my bottom lip and I groaned and grouned against him. “If we don’t stop now, we are going to end up back in your bed.”

Zane kissed along my jawline and then down my neck. He kissed the tattoo on my neck and grabbed my hand and walked back towards his bedroom. I followed after him wondering what he was up to.

He shut the door behind us and pulled my shirt over my head and hooked his fingers under the waist band of my boxers. “How shy are you?”

“I’m not usually.”

Zane pushed my boxers down and they fell to the floor. “I want to see your art.”

“Okay.” I stood naked waiting for him to get his fill of my body. I couldn’t help smirking.

Zane traced his fingers along the tattoo on my left hip. It was the largest single tattoo I had. covered from my navel to my knee and wrapped around my hip. “Why did you get this one?”

“It was my first one. I got it when I was 16. My Dad let me get it because I told him it represented the transformation I had when they adopted me. It was part of the reason. But I thought it was cool looking.” The phoenix was red and black and it’s wings wrapped around my hip, it’s head reached up to my navel and the tail flowed down to my knee.

Zane turned me around and pushed me forward and I crawled on the bed and laid on my stomach. He sat on my ass and I grunted at the weight but I was getting so fucking turned on with all the attention. Zane leaned down, his t-shirt brushed against my and I squirmed. “Are you ticklish?”

I pressed my face into the sheets and nodded. Zane chuckled in my ear. “I’ll have to remember that.” He sucked on my ear I turned my head so he could get better access. He kissed the tattoo on my neck, “What’s this one mean?”

“It’s a celtic and means new beginnings. I got it when I started college. It’s the last one I got. I’ve not had time to get one in a while.”

His fingers ran from my waist up my sides and I tried not to squirm as he pushed my arms over my head. “Don’t move.” I groaned.

“You like that?”

“Yes.” I said breathlessly.

“What’s this a map?” His fingers trailed along lines on my back. “Where am I supposed to start?”

“Lower left down on my hip.”

Zane shifted down and looked at the Cancer constellation tattooed on my hip just above the phoenix wing. “Cancer, my sign, represents my birth.”

He traced the line up to the middle of my back to where there was a chef’s hat and a knife and the scales of justice. “My adoption.”

“So this is a map of your life?”

“Basically.” I smiled.

“What’s the stuff not at the end of the lines?”

“When I got a new tattoo I let the artist choose the location and add in one peice of scenery – whatever they wanted to embellish the treasure map feel and add their own little trademark. It’s a bit of a mess but it tells a story.”

Zane traced his way through my childhood and teenage years. There weren’t many events I wanted to remember. There was a little stylized ballroom dancing couple, a fist representing the martial arts my parents made me learn so when I did get bullied I could stand up for my self, that one represented the first time I had to punch a kid in the face. I told Zane, “I started it. He called Babbo a fag and I took offense to it. It’s one thing to call me names but you don’t call the most loving man in the world names.”

There were a few others from my childhood but Zane moved along to all the major cities of my European tour before college. “That’s Big Ben, I got in London. All the rest are from that trip. Each one I got in those cities. Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, Vienna, Prague, Berlin, and Amsterdamn and circled back to London. When I graduate from school I’ll get another one brancing off London.”

“Do you use the same tattoo artist for most of them?” Zane slid to the side and draped an arm over my back.

“No. I like the different styles.”

I nodded towards the one on his hip, “What’s it mean?”

“Forgive.” Zane said softly as he reached behind his head and pulled his t-shirt off over his head and tossed it to the floor. “Mine don’t tell a story like your’s I just liked it.” He pushed my shoulder, “Roll over.” I laid on my back my hand still above my head where he put them and he crawled on top of me still in his sweats but I got a good view of his chest before he settled on top of me and kissed me hard. “Do you always listen so well?”

“I try to.” I was having a hard time breathing.

“Am I hurting you?”


Zane smirked at me, “Good.” He ground his pelvis into me and I groaned. “Do you still want to go?”


“Good.” Zane kissed me harder. The kiss was hot and heavy. Lips, teeth and tongue. Zane pulled away and slid off to the side again. His fingers trailing lightly over my skin and I squirmed. “Don’t move.” He said softly and pressed a kiss to my cheek. I groaned as he ran his fingers down my chest and over my side looking for the senstive ticklish spots. He smirked when he found them and continued to move along them. It was fucking torture not being able to move but I held still. It was like getting a tattoo. I was scared of the needle but I willed myself to sit still and while this wasn’t painful or fear related I had to do the same thing. I focused on the touch of his fingers on my skin. The whole thing was fucking hot and he smiled down at me. My cock was getting harder and I was leaking precum. Zane’s finger touched my cock and it jumped into his hand. “So good.” He watched his fingers play across my cock and my balls. My eyes were clamped tight trying not to lose control.

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