My Apartment


I still couldn’t beleive I’d invited him home with me. I felt bad he was staying out late to let his parents have some alone time. That was noble of him. He really did look tired. And I was pretty sure that he wasn’t sleeping on the couch if I had anything to say about it.

We took a train back to my place. “Look familiar?” I asked. I knew he lived around here somewhere. It was the only logical explanation for the times we run into each other.

“I live around the corner that way.” He said and pointed in the opposite direction we were going. “My Dad loves to sit on the balcony and look over Central park in the morning with his news paper and his coffee.”

“I don’t think I can see Chef Marco sitting reading a paper or sitting still for too long he’s always moving. I caught a glimpse inside the kitchen at Fiore’s once and he was moving around and issuing orders. You have his grace.”

Angel laughed. “I have nothing of his that I didn’t learn. I’m adopted.”

“I figured you just looked like your mom.”

I shrugged, “No clue who I look like. It’s a sad boring tale.”

“Rumor has it Chef Marco likes men. They say he’s married. Some say to a hot Spanish girl.”

“They wouldn’t be wrong on the first two accoounts. The hot Spanish girl in reference would be my dance instructor as a child and a friend of the family.”

We walked up to my building and I smiled, “You can go home now if you want. I won’t hold you to it.”

I watched Angel as he looked down the street the way we’d come. The way home and he turned back to me and smiled. “I want to.” Was all he said as went into the door the doorman held for us. Almost immediately my hands felt better my face wasn’t frozen from the bitter cold. I smiled at Jerry. He had a boring job, night shift doorman always did. But he was also the front desk security guard.

I continued our conversation inside the elevator. “I’m going to jump out on a ledge here and say that the woman you were dancing with on the floor tonight was your dance instructor?”

Angel nodded but he never looked up from the floor as we rode higher in the elevator. He leaned nervously against the wall. I took a few steps and stood in front of him one hand on either side of his body. He slumped forward but and put his hands on my hips pressing the top of his head into my chest. I asked “What’s wrong?”

“When we get off I’ll tell you.” He said. So we stood there, Angel’s body trembling. His head pressed against my chest and all I wanted to do was scoop him up and carry him to bed. I expected I was going to break my promise. I had a pretty girl in my arms all evening who wanted to sleep with me. Now I had a guy pressed aganst me. And not any guy, the guy I was seeing everywhere. I was dreaming about that yoga class. His cooking. And now he was in the elevator on the way to my bed.

The elevator dinged when we reached my floor and Angel’s head popped up and he took my hand in his and as soon as the door was open he was out. He was taking deep breathes and waiting for me to lead the way. But I stood there watching him. “You alright?”

Angel nodded. He put on a fake smile. “Yeah. I am now. I don’t do so well in elevators – closed spaces, heights, crowds.”

We were still holding hands when I walked towards my apartment. Neither of us let go. It should have been awkward. I didn’t do this sort of thing but his hand felt good in mine. I pulled my keys out of my coat pocket and fumbled with the lock. My fingers were frozen and fine motor skills were rough. Angel let go of my other hand so I could use it to open the door but he put his hand on my hip and pressed the lenght of his body against my side and set his chin on my shoulder while I worked the both deadbolts too. Can’t be too careful was my motto.

His breath against my neck was making me hard and it was hard to think. He spoke softly, “You are right, she was my dance instructor.”

The last deadbolt came unlocked and I pushed the door open and turned to him in his arms with a smirk. “So that makes Daniel Vega you father too?”

“Good deduction.” He frowned, “But you can’t tell anyone. No one at the firm knows my father is gay or that he has a son.”

I hated secrets but I nodded and pressed a kiss to his lips. The moment our lips touched he pulled me hard against him. I took a step back through the open door. The kiss only broke for a quick breath of air before we were inside and he had kicked the door shut. I pressed him backwards and against the door.

His hands were struggling with the zipper on my coat and I was fumbling around the door to lock it behind us. I could feel his erection through our tuxes. He pressed himself against me as the last latch clicked in place. I didn’t bother with the lights. I knew where I was going through my apartment. We shed clothes as we walked and kissed. Hands on skin. I wanted to look on his body, to see the tattoos I know he had.

The couch was closer. But I didn’t want the couch I wanted pretty boy in my bed against the sheets. We were both breathng heavy and in only our pants by the time we reached my bedroom. Angel was chuckling against my neck as we cleared the threshold. “You lied to me.” He said as he bit my neck. I groaned.

“How so?”

“You said.” He kissed his way from my neck to my ear and sucked on my ear lobe sending shivers down my spine and blood rushing to my cock. He whispered in my ear. “Couch and making out.” His lips and tongue danced across my jawline until he pressed a gentle kiss to my lips then pulled away. “This is a bed and so not making out.”

I smirked. There was a light in his eyes I hadn’t seen before. His body was a shadow in the darkness and I flipped on the lights and he blinked back at me. “I want to see you.”

He smiled and pulled me towards him by my waist band. He stopped a few feet from my bed never taking his eyes from mine as he undid the latch and zipper on the pants. His fingers moved around my waist as pushed my pants down around my ankles. He went to his knees and my breath caught as he stared up at me. I ran my fingers through his hair. “I miss the color.”

“I’ll fix it tomorrow.” His voice was breathless, his eyes were hooded even as he looked up at me. “May I?” He asked.

I shoved my hands into my waist band and pushed my boxers down and I stood naked before a man for the first time in a long time. His eyes turned towards my cock and he gazed at it licking his lips. I almost felt like a peice of meat but it wasn’t that kind of lick. He looked up at me as he licked my cock from base to tip and ran his tongue over my slit with a decided hum as he tasted me for the first time. I wanted to throw my head back and enjoy the sensation of his mouth on my cock but I wanted to watch him more.

My fingers found purchase in his hair but I only held on while he took me into his hot wet mouth. “Fuck!” I groaned out as he took me deeper each time. It wasn’t long before I was watching him take me in his mouth from tip to base. I felt his throat tighten around my cock and I almost lost it. Before he could do it again I pulled on his hair and he stopped. His eyes were heavy and his lips swollen but still around my cock. “I’m going come if you do that again.”

He grinned but I tugged on his hair and he came away from my cock with a soft sluping sound. His lips were wet and I pulled him up. His eyes were clothd as I guided him to my mouth with a handful of his hair. He moaned the moment our mouths touched. My fingers worked his pants off and we both stepped out of what remained of our clothes. His naked body was pressed against mine. His cock was hard and hot.

I broke the kiss and pushed pretty boy on to the bed. He fell with an oomp and I crawled on top of him as he moved backwards so we weren’t hanging off the bed. He looked so fucking hot and I kissed him hard and pulled his bottom lip into my mouth and sucked and bit. He moaned underneath me and I felt his cock jump. I kissed along his jawline and down his neck to my favorite spot. He tasted clean. No cologne or heavy scents on his skin. It wasn’t what I expected. I sucked and bit just about the tattoo on his neck. A memory drifting to my mind of the dream I had. I stopped what I was doing and looked at the tattoo and saw what my memory remembered, the strange curves, it wasn’t an infinity sign or the letter z but taken apart it could.

Angel whimpered underneath me and I pressed my lips to his neck and my tongue traced the design. He squirmed underneath me and begged, “Fuck me.” His body was tight against mine, his cock pressed against mine. His hips bucked.

I spoke against his neck, “You said no sex.”

“Fuck me please.” He begged again. I sat up and looked down at him. His eyes were hooded but he looked up at me through long lashes. My cock jumped at that look. I leaned forward and opened the night stand drawer and grabbed a condomn from the box. I reached into the darkness of the drawer and couldn’t find the lube. Fuck! “I’ll be right back.” I said sliding off of the bed and him. “Don’t move.” He nodded and I felt his eyes on me as I went into the bathrom to get a tube. I didn’t bring people home… I wasn’t prepared for this.

What the fuck was I doing here…

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