Closing Up Shop


The gala ended around 2am. That’s when the space started trying to get people to file out without making it seem like they were getting kicked out. The band had long since gone and there was a dj playing soft mixes of modern music. Nothing overly enrgetic, but enough of a dance beat to keep everyone happy.

The booze were dwindling, we’d run out of champagne completely, and most of the the rum and vodka. We still had plenty of wine, but we were digging the bottom of the barrel stuff. All the good stuff was gone, but no one really cared at this point. I had watched Zane leave with his date at midnight. My Dad had left at 1 with Angelina.

Mr. Hudson left shortly there after and the last of the partners was Mr. Kennedy and his wife. They were helping security make everyone leave discretely while we cleaned up our things. The space would be cleaned by the staff. But we had to pack up everything before I released everyone.

It was an annoying job but it was definately good amount of quiet time. I didn’t have a problem cleaning up.

But I was drained by the time we got out. Babbo left shortly after Dad had I needed to kill a little more time so I was gonna walk home. It was cold outside and I pulled my coat around my neck and my hat down over my ears.

Standing outside in the door way outside the hotel I saw blue eyes. He smiled at me. “That took you long enough, what did you do mop the floor?”

I grinned. “No. But I did stay until it was completed. My Dad trusted me to make sure it got taken care of. You need to get warm? There’s a coffee shop around the corner.”

“That sounds great. It’s fucking cold out here.”

We walked around the corner and into the coffee shop. It was empty and the barrista looked up from her book and smiled. “How can I help you?”

“Can I get a large black coffee and whatever he wants.” I pulled my wallet out to let Zane know I was paying.

“I’ll have a small coffee with cream and 2 sugars.”

She made our orders and I paid her with a smile and we moved over to a table and sat down. I took a sip of my coffee and asked, “Why were you waiting outside?”

“Waiting for you.”

I smiled and ducked my head. “Well that’s not the question. Why outside?”

“I hadn’t decided if I wanted to see you again or not.”

“I’m surprised you came back. You seemed pretty tight with your date.” I hoped I didn’t sound jealous as I fiddled with my cup of coffee in front of me.

“There was this guy on the dance floor, did you see him?” He smirked. “He was doing the tango. And then he sent me a kiss under the mistletoe. My date was drunk, and my parents like her.”


“Why aren’t you going home? You look tired.” Zane asked and sipped at his coffee.

“My parents need a little alone time.”

“Living at home sucks.”

I laugh. “It’s not so bad. But I’d rather not know my parents are having sex in the next room.”

“You can crash at my place.”

There was a moment of panic on his face. I wanted to tease him but I grinned instead. “I don’t think that’s a good idea. I go home with you. I don’t sleep on the couch, we do something I don’t think we are ready for and all this.” I waved my hands around us, “blows up. You’ll avoid me. I’ll avoid you. And then the next time we run into each other at the gym or Fiore’s it’s major awkward.”

“And this isn’t awkward. I just got back from taking a girl home, I didn’t sleep with. And now I’m hanging out with a guy I want to kiss.”

I grinned. “Well I’m not opposed to the kissing, but going home with you, I think that’s a wrong thing to do. Let me cook for you. We’ll hang out someplace neutral see what sparks fly.”

“How can you cook for me someplace neutral?”

“Fiore’s is neutral. We can do breakfast tomorrow, or a really late dinner. It’s Sunday so breakfast would need to be like 7am before the 10am shift gets in.”

“That’s like 4 hours away.”

I smiled. “We can catch a movie in the mean time. Or catch some z’s.”

Zane sighed, “Or you can crash at my place.”

I licked my lips and set my coffee down. “Dinner then. 11pm?”

“You don’t want to crash at my place?”

I stood up and walked around the small table and pressed my chest into his back and put my hands on the table trapping him in his seat. I licked his earlobe and then whispered. “I want to, that’s why I shouldn’t.” I kissed my way down his neck and he moved his head to the side so I could get better access. He moaned and I almost agreed right then. “I want to go home with you. Explore every facet of your body, but fuck Zane I want to do more than that.”

“So come home with me. I promise we won’t do anything other than make out on the couch. Be a pair of fucking teenagers about to get caught. Make me breakfast in the morning. And tell me where you learned to dance like that.”

I groaned against his neck and nodded. “Alright.”

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