Dancer and Mistletoe


Jennifer and I arrived late. Even after my father. I was proud of that. We had a glass of champagne while we mingled. We spoke with other partners and the mayor of the city with a span of thirty minutes before Jennifer was pulling at a second glass of champagne. I drank the one glass of bubbly and then a red wine that was floating around. I wanted something a little stronger but the bar tender looked like pretty boy sans the hair and makeup. I didn’t get a chance to figure it out before Jennifer was pulling me on the dance floor. “Let’s dance.” She giggled.

I hated dancing. It was a thing my parents had forced on me, so now I just didn’t like to do it. But she didn’t want to waltz even though that’s what was playing. She wrapped her arms around my neck and her body pressed against mine. It wasn’t club worthy dancing but it wasn’t something my mother would approve of. And all I had to do was stand here. I could manage. But my mind kept straying to the bartender. I discretely moved us slowly so I could face that direction and I could watch him. To figure it out. But I was too far away and the crowd around him rarely thinned. Every so often I’d see a bottle flip above the heads of the people in front of him.

We managed many songs before Jennifer had to go to the bathroom. I made my way to the bar that was empty of the pretty boy look-a-like. Maybe I had been mistaken. But I was probably not. He worked for Fiore’s he was the fucking son of the chef. He knew his way around the kitchen, probably a bar too. But why had he been busing tables. And where had he gone Thursday night after he saw me with Jennifer.

The music changed almost suddenly pulling me out of my thoughts. I turned to see what was going on when a couple started near the band playing the music with a rousing version of the tango. They twirled over the dance floor in an almost too sexy dance. She was stunning in the red and feathers. He was dressed like everyone else.

The girl at the bar gave me my drink just as Jennifer arrived. “Oh, I wish I could do that she pointed at the dancers grabbing my hand. We moved closer so she could get a better look. I stopped halfway there when I realized that the man dancing was pretty boy. There was no mistaking the way he moved and that smile for anyone else. I hadn’t been wrong. His color was gone, it looked like highlights tonight. There was no paint on his nails and the eye liner was subtle. I stared slack jawed at the way he danced.

Jennifer giggled in my ear and expressed, “She’s like 50. Can you beleive it, she looks fucking hot in that dress.”

My pretty little lawyer was swearing and leaning heavily on me. I mumured my agreement but I wasn’t watching her. My date tugged on my hand and we moved towards a quieter spot on the dance floor. “Can you dance like that?” she asked almost falling down. She stepped out of her high heels and shrank three more inches. “I wish I could dance like that. I wonder if they give lessons.”

“He might. He teaches at my gym.” I added.

“Really? You know him?” She smiled, “He’s cute. Isn’t that the bus boy?”

I nodded. “He’s the chef’s son.” A fact I had just learned myself.

“Can you ask him if he teaches dancing like that?”

“I doubt he teaches solo classes.” I teased and Jennifer blushed.

“I’d sleep with him. If you weren’t interested.”

My eyes went wide. “Is that your plan for the night?”

Her blush rose but her body pressed against mine. “Maybe.”

I leaned down and kissed her neck and when she was draping herself in my arms about to fall down I added, “Not while you are falling down drunk, Jennifer.”

She pouted at me and I sighed. Why did I have to be so honorable?

Jennifer said, “I don’t feel so well.”

I walked her over to the ladies room and stood just inside the door way and waited for her.

I got a text on my phone and I decided to look at it to see who was messaging me while I was at the gala. It could be my mother requesting my presence. I smirked.

Angel: Look up

I looked up and saw a bundle of misltetoe hanging high above my head. My phone beeped again and I looked down

Angel: xxx

He wasn’t looking my way when I looked in his. But I could see that smile it wasn’t faked. Jennifer came out of the bathroom looking a little green. “I think I should take you home.” She nodded and I called one of the town cars over and we went back to her place.

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