The best part of this job was watching all the idiots. But it was still getting going and there weren’t any yet. But there would be. The guy who drank too much. The good girl who got slutty with the next drink. The boss who let it all hang out. Not that I expected that of this crowd they were all rather stiff.

Even an hour in the dance floor was still empty. I’d refilled champange classes more than wine or custom drinks. I had mostly a full bar, and plenty of stock to fill in the gaps if we got low on most thing. There was no beer, which was annoying if you asked me. But these were the rich and powerful.

I saw the major of the good city of New York shmoozing with police chief. Dad had escorted Angelina in about 30 minutes ago. Babbo had stopped in then too to see how things were going before heading back into the kitchen to yell at the staff. I was so glad I was out here. All I had to do was entertain the guests when they came to me. But with the amount of wait staff walking the floor there was little need to come to me until the champagne ran dry and everyone wanted their own brand of drink or wine.

I didn’t mind. I liked people watching. Zane’s father showed up a few minutes after Dad, but Mr. Hudson had been here when I got here and he was already holding a flute glass.

The band playing was likely the reason no one was dancing, it was mostly waltzes. All slow and couple oriented. There was a lot of mingling and drinking and eating the horderves my father had made. It was all very elegant.

The drinking was picking up and there were fewer and fewer servers passing out champagne, white and red wine floated around but the men were gathering around now wanting rum and coke. Some of them had bizarre requests that I gladly made for them. The women liked their fruity drinks some of them came looking for the harder stuff.

In the passing crowds I could have sworn I saw Zane again with that girl on his hip. They were dancing or at least what passed for dancing when you were trying your hardest not to make out on the dance floor. I sighed and paid attention to the people in front of me.

My tip jar was filling up. Shane would be happy. Normally when I covered I didn’t give the tips to the one who I covered for but since Shane only missed it because his kid was in the NICU I had decided I would give it all to him and his family to help cover expenses. It was Christmas after all.

Dad and Angelina came over to the bar. Angelina looked lovely as ever with her dark hair pulled up into an elegant bun revealing that long neck that I’d always loved about her. Her lips were painted red as her dress. There were red and black feathers in her hair. She was the pinacle of Spanish beauty and it was all wasted on my father. Sure he appreciated the beauty of it all. But what I wouldn’t give to …

Angelina gave me that knowing smile. There had been a time in my life where I would have tried and I had many many times tried to get into her pants. “What can I get you Miss Dela Rosa?”

“What would you recomend mijo?”

“How about a Rebujito?” I asked.

She raised her eyebrow in question and then nodded, “Are you trying to make me home sick mijo?”

“No ma’am. Trying for that nice big tip so Shane and his family have a good Christmas.” I grinned at her.

My Dad looked at me. “I’ll have the same.”

Angelina asked, “Shane?”

“He was supposed to be working tonight, but his wife had the baby early and his little girl is in the NICU. I’m giving all the tips to help pay for their expenses.”

My Dad stood up straighter and pulled out his checkbook. Which shocked me and Angelina. I didn’t see the amount he wrote on the check as he folded it and put in my tip jar. “That is a mighty fine jesture.”

My Dad started to pull Angelina along so they didn’t linger in the comfort zone of home too long, but Angelina asked, “Daniel, darling why don’t we dance?”

He gave her that sideways glance that said he didn’t dance and you know that look. “I’d rather not.”

She looked at me with a wide grin. “Will you let me dance with someone I know will make it worth my time.” Her eyes were wide and pleading but she was pouting and I knew my father would relent.

He sighed, “If you can find some poor sap brave enough join you.”

Angelina looked at me with a playful grin, “Can you get away? Ten minutes mijo?”

“I can take a break but I don’t think it’s appropriate.”

My Dad chuckled, “It’s my party, dance with my date. Please, so I don’t have to.”

I waved over Lydia, she could tend bar for a little and it might give the guys something to drool over for a while. Since most of them seemed to be avoiding my charms.”

“15 minuntes is all I can spare Miss Dela Rosa.” I smiled and took the apron off and set it under the bar for later. “May I have this dance senorita?”

“You may, mijo.”

Angelina went up to the band and the song wrapped up and they started her song. It was not exactly what I was expecting. When a tango started my eyes went wide and I wondered what game she was playing at. “Are you trying to make people jealous Angelina?” I whispered as I took her in my arms and we started moving. I could feel the eyes on me. And a familiar itch in the center of my back that said I had a particular set of blue eyes watching me.

I tossed and twirled my father’s date around the room. The sexier the dance got with Angelina playing to the dance moves like the professional that she was, the more people joined us on the dance floor. It was what the party needed, something a little wilder. Hair was let down, except Angelina she was prestine and perfect and when the song ended she tried to get me to stay. “Mijo, it’s been so long, let’s dance.”

I sighed. “Angelina, I can’t I’m working. I’m sorry.”

I walked Angelina back to my father with a smile. “Thank you Mr. Vega for the oppurtunity to dance with your lovely date.”

“It was my pleasure to watch the both of you.” He said formally.

I pulled my apron back on and went back to work. The rest of the night would be boring compared to dancing the tango with a beautiful woman.

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