Picking Up Jennifer


Tonight I had a town car rental to pick up Jennifer in. I didn’t have to drive so we could chat some. The man driving us spoke Brooklyn English “Hey Howz you doin?”

“I’z doin fine.” I repeated and he gave me a dirty look. “Sorry man, that’s better than my Indian accent. “It is my greatesta honora.” I said in my best Apu impression.

He laughed. I gave him Jennifer’s address and he waited outside for us with the car idling so it would stay warm.

I didn’t bother stopping at the doorman I just waved at him and he waved back. I knocked on the door and Jennifer answered almost immediately putting on her earring. “Zane.” She glanced at the clock. “I’m running late. You mind waiting?”

“Not at all.” I said in my best patient voice. Already annoyed at my father now I had to wait for the girl I probably was going to call it quits with afterwards. She went off down the hall towards what I assumed was her bedroom and I looked around. I stepped into the living room and was startled to find a half naked man lying on the couch watching a movie.

He looked up at me from the other side of the couch back. “Oh hey. Jen’s getting ready.”

“I know.” I said. How did he think I got in?

“You look good.” He stood up in his tidy whities and openly checked me out. “You aren’t what I expected for an owner of Zion.”

“Sorry, I’ll do better next time.” I smirked. I really didn’t care what he thought of me.

“I mean. The clean cut look doesn’t sell, does it?”

“You think I should show up at a formal affair dressed in tight leather pants and a mesh shirt? I’m sure Jennifer would just love that – not to mention my mother and father.” But it was a risky idea, but a good one, maybe for next year if they try to force me to go with some other partner or another doctor.

Jennifer came out dressed in an emerald green sequined dress and three inch stilettos again. Must be all she owned. “Don’t mind Rob. He’s a loser. Need to find a job jack ass.”

Oh… kay. I thought to myself as I offered her my elbow. “You ready to go?”

“I am.” She pressed a kiss on my cheek. There was a lingering scent of alcohol and I wondered how much she had drank already.

We were outside in the cab when I spoke next, “Who was that? Do I need to kick his ass.”

Jennifer rolled her eyes. “My ex boyfriend. It’s my place. But he’s got no job, no place to go. Keeps saying he’s got a lead on a place but never actually does. I should just toss him out but I feel bad. I broke up with him for just that reason and he’s still mooching off me.”

“Me and the boys could throw him out if you needed.”

“Oh, that’s sweet of you, but not necessary.”

“The offer stands. Smuck shouldn’t be taking advantage of a sweet thing like you.” I smiled at her.

She pressed a kiss to my lips and I tasted the remenants of the alcohol she drank eariler. I couldn’t place it so it was probably wine. Not my favorite.

I heard the window separating us from our brooklyn driver rising as the kiss continued longer than I had anticipated. Her lips were hot and lush and even with the linger alcohol she tasted sweet. I hummed against her lips and she laughed, “We could just stay at my place.”

The car jerked to a stop alerting us to our arrival. I laughed, “Seems we are already here. And we both should probably make an appearance afterall. We did get all dressed up.”

We straightened up before sliding out of the town car’s back seat. It hadn’t been very vigorous but I had a new found appreciation for thie particular little lawyer.

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