Pre-Date Reflections


It was Thrusday night and I was getting out of a cab dressed in date like garb. No suit and tie, though my father had inisisted. He had inisited on a lot of things. The date being one of those instances.

Tuseday morning he stopped by the apartment. Didn’t even bother knocking and walked into my bedroom like he owned the place. “Get up son.” He flipped on the light. “You shouldn’t be in bed still.”

He ran his fingers down the goatee before he was in my closet rummaging around for whatever the fuck he liked. I was so fucking annoyed at this point I didn’t really care that I walked out into my living room in just my boxers.

My father cleared his throat from behind me. “Zane. If I had brought guests…”

I interrupted his rant at my behavior. “If you had brought guests I would have thought you’d do things in the proper order. You know, like calling first.” I shuffled to the coffee maker and started a pot. I was drained. I glanced at the time on the coffee pot and groaned. 8:30 again… what the fuck! “Dad, what do you want. I covered a security shift last night I want to go back to bed.”

“I told you about Jennifer already. Before you take her to the gala on Saturday I thought it was prudent you two meet first. I made reservations at Fiore’s for Thursday at 8.” He set down a slip of paper on my island. “Her address. You will pick her up at 7:30 and you will wear this.” He held up a suit and slung it over the top of the couch. “I know you can be presentable. Your mother can’t wait to see you two together at the gala.”

“Whatever.” I said as I waited for coffee.

I hadn’t realized the gravity of the situation until later that evening when my mother called and said how excited she was that I might finally settle down and get married. She wanted grand kids and since I was an only child she pressed me. My parents didn’t accept the fact that I liked men, thought it was a phase. And it was to some degree. I didn’t go around pining after guys on regular basis. There had been a grand total of four guys I had been attracted to. Tristian was early college. Drew was later in college. There had been Will who had met my parents – the only one of the four, but that hadn’t gone exceptionally well since we had been fucking on the couch when they walked in, as my father was prone to do – case in point. And then there was pretty boy. From the moment I first saw him I couldn’t stop thinking about him.

Two years ago I bought my apartment. I had lived in this city my whole life and after college I rented apartments. I got tired of things and decided I wanted my own house. My parents were all for it and had agreed to cosign. They didn’t think I had the money to do it myself. But it was good knowing they were in my corner even if they didn’t think my music amounted to much. Though they were proud I owned Zion though they didn’t approve of the club itself. But we weren’t catering to them so I didn’t care.

The neighborhood was new and I was scoping out all the local cuisine and spots of note. And coffee was a big one. The closest starbucks to the building sucked but there was a starbucks on every corner. But I found a little hole in the wall coffee shop and that’s where he was. I wouldn’t have noticed him if he hadn’t been trying to order a grande black and the server kept trying to talk him into something else. I watched as pretty boy touched the guy’s hand and their eyes locked. The kid blushed at whatever pretty boy was saying to him in a hushed whisper. Their small arguement stopped and I watched pretty boy sling his backpack over his shoulder carrying his cup of coffee out the door. He had dyed the tips of his hair orange and I didn’t notice the nail polish. He never even noticed me.

It was outside the coffee shop that I decided he wasn’t worth the time. I saw tall dark and handsome walk up to him pressed a deep kiss to his lips and they walked away wrapped around each oter. Funny thing was I started seeing pretty boy everywhere after that – at the gym, at the neighborhood diner. I even saw him at Fiore’s which was odd because it wasn’t anywhere near where I lived. I figured he lived around there somewhere. But Fiore’s should have been safe until I realized he worked there. But it wasn’t regular I never really knew week to week if he’d be there. I couldn’t set my clock around it which I could just about everything else I had noticed about him.

About six months later I saw him outside of Zion with his friend and his friend was tangled up with a girl. Pretty boy danced with a lot of women that night. But only one went home with him. I’d seen him several times at Zion after that always with a new girl. Sometimes they didn’t even leave together, but I never saw him with the same one. I had doubted he liked men but then I remembered that kiss and it hadn’t been a peck on the lips. It was hot and wet and … Fuck!

I’m about to go on a date with a beautiful woman and I’m thinking about some other guy who probably is playing me for whatever I’m worth but fuck if I can’t stop thinking about him.

“Wait for me. We’ll be right back down.” I kept the tab running it was the only way to save the cab and I didn’t want to get another one.”

I walked into her building and to the doorman. “I’m here to see Miss Price.”

He smiled at me and nodded. “I’ll ring her to let her know you are on your way up. Elevators are to the left.” He pointed me in the right direction and I headed up. I didn’t wear the suit my father had picked out. Well not entirely. I wore the pants and paired it with a dark grey button down shirt. Not that it mattered at the moment the thick leather jacket that I wore ruined the look but it was fucking cold outside. I looked my best for my father. But I was only going on this date to appease the gala gods. I had no intentions of marrying or making babies anytime soon.

I knocked on her door and waited for her to answer.

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