Drew laughed, “Leila had them rolling over like little puppies drooling over their dinner.”

We really didn’t get to hear anymore of the story as an appeitizer arrived. Finn looked up at Nadia with a grin. “Damn, girl, that looks good.”

“You are his first special.” She smiled and put down the a plate in front of each of us.

There was fried cheese, two sauces, arugala and tomatos. It looked great. Drew looked up and asked, “What is this?”

Pan-Fried Scamorza with Arugula Salad and Two Pestos.”

She left us to our salad. I didn’t normally do the salad thing but I was more than impressed with the choice. The peppery lettuce, tomatoes and pesto sauces. Drew was drooling over the cheese. And the cruch was great and I’d never had scamorza before but it was good. Finn laughed at Drew. “Dude, it’s not sex.”

Drew sighed, “You have a baby and you tell me it’s not better than sex. Closest thing I got to that in the past month is watching Zane drool over a pretty boy.” Drew smirked, “He got a good look today.”

I rolled my eyes. “You looked too.”

Drew laughed, “Yeah. I did. He was doing downward dog and …”

Nadia stopped by the table and Drew’s mouth clamped shut, whatever it was he was going to say he didn’t as he downed the last of his wine and Nadia poured each of us another cup. “You’re meals will be out shortly, anything else I can get you before then?”

Finn asked, “Do you have any more bread and this dipping sauce?”

“Of course. I’ll bring you some more right away.”

I pulled out the paperwork and handed Finn and Drew their copies. Nadia brought us two freshly baked loaves of bread, they were still steaming from the oven. She smiled at us, “Your chef said to bring you the hottest two we had available. And asks that you try the different oil. I brought the standard as well.”

Finn didn’t hesitate to tear a peice off of a single loaf and dip it in the new sauce, it was still oil based but the herbs were different. Drew reached for the loaf Finn had torn from and Finn snatched it from the basket, “This is mine.”

I watched as they fought over the loaf of bread while I cut a piece for myself off the other one. Sometimes things got a bit rowdy and tonight was no different. Thankfully the place was close to empty and our antics weren’t disturbing too many people. We lost more time we could have been working over the bread and then our plates arrived. Three of the exact same dishes. It was some lemon chicken over angel hair pasta.

It was elegant and light and it went well with the white wine we already had on the table. Drew noticed too. “Did you tell him what we were drinking?”

Nadia laughed, “No. I showed him who he was cooking for. This was all him.”

Finn said through a mouthful. He hadn’t waited for Nadia to leave our table before digging in. “I’d like to meet this new chef and thank him.”

She smiled. “He said, if you stay for desert he’ll bring it out himself.”

“What’s for desert?” Drew asked.

Nadia shrugged. “Chef’s choice. He’s not a baker so I can’t say for certain, but he’s partial to tarts.” Nadia left after refershing our win glasses again.

Drew laughed. “I bet it’s a lemon tart.”

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