Locker Room


Class was a fucking disaster. I hated teaching the beginner class. It wasn’t the beginner class that was the problem, it was the people that were in the gym at the time the class was offered. It was still early and all the rich women with no real ambition were pretending to be into it for more than the eye candy. Which is why Jer usually had a female in the beginners class.

The class filled out to capacity and was spilling out the door. I wouldn’t deny that the attention was good. But the hall watchers distracted the class with their giggles and chatting. Some of them even pushed and got catty. Thankfully Jer cleared them out and we could get underway without any other major issues.

The class left and I cleaned up the room before the next one then was in the locker room showering. I hated taking a shower and having to go out into the fucking cold. I had to dry my hair and the driers here sucked ass but I wasn’t going to freeze my ass off to even walk the two blocks back to the train station.

But by the time I made it back to my locker and was looking at the time I realized there was no time to dry my hair. Fuck! I grumbled just as blue eyes and his friend walked into the aisle. His friend asked in a winded voice, “Something wrong?”

I made the mistake of looking at him as blue eyes was pulling his t-shirt over his head. I forgot what I was saying for a moment and drew my eyes from the tattoo on his arms across his chest to his friends eyes and smiled. “No. Just running out of time.”

“Can’t freshen up your makeup?”

“Always time for that.” I grinned. “Can’t dry my hair, it’s fucking cold outside.”

Blue eyes was smirking in his locker. I stood in front of the mirror and applied the eyeliner in a fresh clean line and put everything in my bag. Blue eyes was wrapped up in a towel around his waist and his friend was chuckling as he disrobed. I pulled on my coat and hefted my bag over my shoulder and walked side ways past the pair of men. Blue eyes was looking at me and I smiled at him. I stopped in front him and looked into those beautiful icey blue eyes. “I’ll see you around.”

I heard his friend ask as I rounded the corner, “What was that about?”

I smirked on my way out the door. I wondered what blue eyes told his friend. But I had to get to school to take that fucking algebra test. And I had 80 to 1 odds that the train was going to be late.

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