Yoga Maybe?


Monday’s were never a typical day for me. Drew and I were going to go a few rounds but I came in early to get a few weights in. Oddly pretty boy was lifting weights. I was suprised to see him doing a deadlift as I walked past. But Jer got in the way and I couldn’t watch his form. I sighed and walked down the hall into the locker room. I chose the same locker I always did and sat down to change. Five minutes later pretty boy walks into the aisle of lockers. But he didn’t change just grabbed a yoga mat and water before he was out again. Fuck!

Drew came in and sat down next to me. “I thought you were going to lift weights.”

I looked up, “What?”

“You said you were going to lift, you always lift, Z. What the fuck?”

I grabbed the watch in my locker and looked at the time. “I’m running a bit late.”

“You look relieved.”

“I thought I lost time.” Drew glanced back down the aisle where pretty boy was sitting.

Drew laughed and pulled me out the bench. “I take it he’s running a little late too.”

“Yeah. He’s a little distracting today after Friday night.”

“What happened Friday?”

“I’ll tell you later, let’s go spar.” We headed past the classrooms to the ring in the back but the hall was packed. A bunch of women were crowding trying to get into the room, well maybe not in but they were standing in the door with interest. I pushed past the first woman and she looked at me, “Oh. Sorry. The beginner’s class is full we are just trying to see the sub teacher.”

Jer came walking through from the other side. “Ladies, I know the class is full and there is a pretty new instructor teaching this morning, but you can’t stand in the hall. These fine paying customers need to get by. And it’s a fire hazard. On your way, please.”

There was a mass sigh as the women cleared out. Jer patted my shoulder as he walked past. “Don’t you block the way, too.”

Drew laughed as he walked past the door to the classroom. I glanced inside and saw pretty boy doing some bendy yoga move with his ass up in the air speaking to the class like he knew what he was doing. Drew grabbed my elbow and pulled me past the door. “He’s got your head spinning. You need to get laid, Zane.”

I punched Drew’s arm. “That’s not what my dad says.”

“He still trying to set you up?” Drew asked.

“He managed it. Told me I had to take this junior partner to the Christmas Gala, otherwise I couldn’t go.”

“So you are taking her?”

“Passing up free drinks and good networking for Zion? I don’t think so.” I had a job to do and my dad’s practice brought in all sorts of people and it was a great place to find other services. I added as we stopped outside the boxing ring, “And Fiore’s will be catering.”

“Now I’m jealous. I think I’ll beat you to a pulp for it.” I laughed and climbed into the ring to keep Drew from reaching his goal.

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