Unexpected Monday


It was fucking cold outside. Snow was falling and I walked to the gym like I always did. By the time I got warmed up enough to actually do my work out I was already running a few minutes later than I liked. The gym was emptier than it usually was. Cold and snow was not pleasant to get out in. I had most of the free weights to myself. I was still doing deadlifts when I usually left, which meant a certain blue-eyed man walked past me. I was slightly disappointed as he was still bundled up in his coat and hat. He was blowing into his hands to warm them up. Like I said it was fucking cold outside and I wasn’t looking forward to getting back out in the weather. But I had a fucking final in a few hours. I hated algebra.

A figure stepped in front of me and blocked my view. I glared up at him. He smirked as I set the weight down on the ground and stood up. “Shelly called in, said she can’t get out of her driveway. The fucking plows piled on top of her car. I really need to stop hiring those Long Island teachers. Can you take her class?”

I looked up at Jer and frowned, “I have a final in a few hours.”

“I only need you to cover the beginner class. It’s in ten. You’ll be done in fourty and then you can go take that final. I know you won’t be studying anyway.”

I smirked. Jer knew me better than most here. “Fine. Ten you said?”

He nodded. “When you are in the locker room, no staring.” Jer laughed as he walked away from me.

I didn’t stare at guys in the locker room. He knew that. I was fine with them looking at me. I encouraged it. I was hardly ashamed of my body, I worked fucking hard to make it look this good. But guys always thought you were checking them out when you weren’t so I minded my own business. Looking down or into my locker, never looking at anything other than their eyes, not even for the normal quick glance of another man to size them up. Always a pissing contest. I bored of it.

I finished my last deadlift and then headed back into the locker room to get situated for a different kind of workout. Two lockers down was the blue eyed babe. His card was still tucked into my back pocket with two unopened condoms from the same night. I had planned on getting laid. But Cal, a kid from my algebra class had begged I go out with them after a hard day of studying for our final today. My dad had let me study all day instead of work. I was grateful because I really needed that A. Not only would it pay for my schooling, it made me feel better about taking the shitty class and aceing it.

Cal saw me checking out my current locker room companion while he worked the bar. I’d seen him there several times. Usually working secuity, but that night he was tending bar. He did things like I did things at Fiore, wherever you were needed. One night I’d bus tables, othes I’d be head chef cause Babbo was sick or he and Dad wanted to have a night out. The latter didn’t happen often, they both worked too hard.

After seeing me checking him out he bet me I couldn’t get his number. And then it became a challenge. But it was Friday night and Zion was hopping. He wasn’t standing still for long. There was never a lull so I waited at the bar instead of dancing. Instead of finding a girl to take back to her place, I stood there sipping my beer waiting for him to come talk to me. But he never did not until closing time. He asked me if I needed anything and I only had two words for him. I’d seen the guy take numbers and descretely drop them in the bin that they threw the rids of lemons and such in afer squeezing them. So when he handeded me his card I was speechless – literally. I should have said something smart, something for him to remember me by. But I just smiled and walked out the door with his card in my pocket. I hadn’t even looked at it short of to move it into a clean pair of pants for the past three days.

I stole a glance down the length of the bench we shared and I couldn’t help but smile as he tied his shoes. I’d love to undress him, to see that athletic body. Fuck! I turned my attention back to my locker and removed all the unessential gear and grabbed my yoga mat and a bottle of water and headed down the hall to the class room beginner’s yoga was in.

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