The night was cool standing on the balcony looking out over Paris. We had the perfect view of the Eifle Tower. Dinner had been a blur but I remembered the meal was delicious. I couldn’t remember what we had, there were flashes of empty plates and silverware. Empty Champagne glasses were in our hands. The bottle was close to empty.

The city below was lit up in the dark. The Eifle Tower set the stage as I walked up behind my lover. She was just a shadow on the balcony. I pressed my body against the long length of hers and trapped her against the railing. There was a soft moan as she felt just how much I wanted her. I imagined her biting her bottom lip but I was too busy sucking at my favorite spot on her neck. Just above a tattoo that I couldn’t quite describe. It was a mix between an infinity sign and the cursive letter z. It was simple and elegant and held meaning but I didn’t really care about it at the moment.

Her skin smelled like the complementary body wash in our posh hotel. But all I tasted was her. I mumbled something against her skin, but even I didn’t know what I said. She turned in my arms and the only thing I saw was a pair of gorgeous eyes fluttering back at me, then she went to a knee and there was a box and a ring, the biggest rock I’d ever seen.

My eyes shot open and I groaned as the sun streamed in through the parted curtains. A siren blared in the distance and I heard shouting from down below. I grabbed the leather band of my watch on the nightstand and glanced at the time. 8:30 in the fucking morning. I dropped the offending time peice back on the nightstand and grabbed a pillow from beside me. It was unused as was the section of the bed beside me. Sharing my bed wasn’t something I did anymor. There was too much pain in it. The cool fabric pressed against my face and I closed my eyes and tried to drown out the noise from outside.

I hummed a little piece I was working on. The melody playing in my head while I tried to think of lyrics that fit. I’d had the peice written for days, but the words just didn’t flow. I thought about the dream that was playing when I was rudely awoken. I didn’t remember much. The faded lights of the Eiffle tower. The flowery smell of perfume on her neck. The clearest thing I remembered was the tattoo inked below her ear. I could still see the odd design. I’d seen it somewhere before but I couldn’t place it.

The dream pulled words into the music and while they made no sense right now, they might later. I had plenty of time to finish it. My friend was waiting his next big hit. Devlin paid me well and the songs I’d written for him were quite popular. I could do this full time if I wanted to, but Zion kept me busy and I told myself that was all I needed.

I groaned as I remembered the night before. Why 8:30 in the morning felt like the crack of dawn. Drew needed a hand at the bar. He had no one else to cover. The only server on shift that would tend the bar was the only man on the floor – had to cater to the ladies at least a little. The scantly clad women did it for some, but most women wanted tight leather on a man. I didn’t blame them really but I would take a scantly clad woman any day or how about both?

The other two bartenders who could have done it – one had just had a baby and was on materinity leave had been since her baby bump got in the way of tips and serving up the drinks to our customers. Drew, Finn and I all agreed we’d pay her salary for the weeks she needed. The other was sick up in the hospital – food poisoning had dehydrated him so much that he was on day two in the hospital. Drew says it had more to do with personal issues but we didn’t get into it. Drew couldn’t cover himself so that left me. Finn was already busy running the security of our precious little night club.

Zion was my baby. I’d do anything for her. Even watch as security manhandled a few dancers because they got into a scuffle. But the scuffle wasn’t the reason the memory was not so great. I see a lot of people. I remember faces but not always their names. I don’t work the bar often or even security, I prefer to watch where my money goes. Devlin’s first platinum song that I wrote for him paid for Zion and then some. The money kept rolling ever since. It was perfect little gig.

And Zion kept me busy the rest of the time.

But there was this guy at the gym. Not supposed to check guys out there. And as a rule I don’t, but sometimes they are begging for you to look. And this guy, he was begging to be looked at. No, it wasn’t to be looked at, more like he wanted you to fuck him right then and there. He was built lean and strong. He wasn’t as big as me or Finn, he was too scrawny to ever get any real mass to him. He didn’t prance around in pastel polo shirts and head bands carrying tenis rackets. No, he wore shorts and a tank top that showed off the edges of tattoos on his back and his thigh. He wore eyeliner even in the gym, like he’d just come from some party or another. Never even bothered to take it off. I can’t imagine the raccoon look did him any justice but it never seemed to run. I bet every girl in the world wanted his secret. The tips of his hair was dyed and you never knew what color it would be week to week. The last time, last night, when I’d seen him it was died a shade of blue. His finger nails were almost always painted to match or black.

When I saw him at the gym he was always leaving the weight section, I never got to see him lift. I didn’t get to watch him do much of anything other than pass me by on his way to the locker room. I had been tempted so many times to steal a peek – all I had to do was take my time getting changed or arrive just five minutes late.

He smiled and waved and those that new him wished him well. And he’d be off. I saw him on the streets of the City, just randomly walking down the street. He always smiled at me. It was like this inside joke I never quite got. And then last night, he walked up to the bar ordered a Sam Adam’s bottled Irish Red. The clean line of jaw was covered with a well maintained stubble. Like he’d forgotten to shave. Like he always forgot to shave, I don’t think I’d ever seen it any longer or shorter. He had a tattoo on his neck. I didn’t remember what it was in the dim light of Zion, but that had to be where the dream tattoo had come from. I noticed it just slightly under the best part of anyone’s neck.

My thoughts were making me hard. The dream had started it, and now my reminiscing made it worse. This fucking guy I see everywhere, why did he have to walk into the club last night of all nights? But I knew the reason – it was Friday night and everyone who was anyone hit Zion on Friday night. The live band played all night long. We paid good money for them and everyone appreciated it.

I threw off the blankets from my body and tossed the extra pillow to the floor as I got up. I had one of three choices. I could jack off and fix my growing problem, go to the gym or take a long cold shower and pray nothing else sets me off. And my shitty brain decided the gym was the best fucking place to be. The only upside – he might be there. The biggest drawback was the reason I regretted most of all. All night long he stayed at the bar, sipping at that single Irish Red while he watched people dance like he was waiting for something to happen. Nothing ever did. Last call came and there was a final rush. I stopped in front of him and asked, “Need anything else?”

He bit his bottom lip and chewed on it a little while, while those brown eyes sparkled in the dim light. He grinned at me and leaned down on to his elbows like he wanted to talk just the two of us. I leaned down to listen and he whipsered, “Only you.” I was flattered, but he wasn’t the first guy who’d propositioned me, he wouldn’t be the last. There was a long list of clients who wanted in my bed, specially after they knew who I knew. But I did something stupid, I don’t know what possessed me to slide the pretty boy my card with a smile and a quick comment, “Not tonight pretty boy.” The words followed up with a yawn as he pocketed my card. He didn’t say anything just kept on smiling as he walked out the club. I had seen him leave before but fuck in those tight jeans…

I wasn’t going to make it to the gym, and I wasn’t going to torture myself with a long cold shower. Obviously I had other priorities in my morning shower.

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