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Yesterday I launched this blog. I’ll start posting romance stories on Oct 1 so stay tuned.

I can’t say I can manage to write everyday here. Writing as me was always difficult if I was doing more than telling you about my day. Since starting work full time my blog Raising the herd pretty much fell off the face of the planet. My medium to discuss family became facebook.

But I am a writer, so every so often I’ll do some post that is writing related. I have at least one topic I want to write about. One of my pet-peeves and totally and completely inspired by The Nerd Fitness credo of ‘Stop collecting underpants‘. You either need to check out Nox’s post on the topic or go read the article itself. I’ll go over my writing ‘advice’ with that in mind on a later post.

I’m still debating on a few other ‘units’ to add to this blog that is writing related but I want to stick with the romance. But we’ll see where it goes.

edit As a minor note, yesterday I said I’d occasionally be posting with Nox, well turns out if I want notifications then I get to post from his account. So if you see the wrong Author I apologize. But you shouldn’t see it unless I change the theme.

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