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I’ve been maintaining a character blog for almost 9 full months, but some of my writing doesn’t fall into that particular character so I’ve started a new blog – one that encompasses something I’m working on as a side project. My passion for writing is still urban fantasy, but as I sift through the stories in my head that almost all of them have to do with love and lust and romance.

I have two m/m romances written and I might take a stab at a few traditional ones if I can work out the stories. I’d love to hear your thoughts as you read. The grammar and spelling might be off. There might be inconsistencies as these aren’t fully edited stories – at best second drafts.

About Me

You can call me AJ. I have two wonderful daughters, one who is actually a writer herself. You can find her work at Ray’s Fairy Tails. Most posts will be made by Nox as the author, but only because I don’t want to log out of his account, and switching names I’ll likely forget to do. But I will try to remember.

Nox says good luck getting new stories out of me. He’s under the impression that he is the center of my writing world. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t, but I won’t tell him he is under any circumstance, last thing he needs is a bigger ego. But having said that Nox wants you to read and enjoy too if you’ve come from his blog.

Writing is just an outlet for me. While one day I’d love to publish and make money from my writing. I’m more than happy to share my writing with you all. I’m a web developer by day and a parent by night. I work in writing in the mornings and on my lunch hour. Writing is like breathing – I need to do it.

Once Upon a Dream

October 1 should start the first serial romance. It’ll post once a day around 8am CST (or EST I forget which). You can get an early glimpse at the summary up under the Collection menu. I’ll post more about it on the 30th.

This is actually the second of the two m/m romances I wrote. I hope you enjoy it when it comes out.